Jewellery for your mood

Perhaps without realising, everyone wears jewellery depending on their mood. Our fashion is intrinsically linked to how we feel and what we want to convey to the world. When I am feeling down, it shows in what I wear. Perhaps I won’t make as much effort compared to when I feel cheerful and sunny. When I feel confident, I make bolder choices with my fashion and accessories. All jewellery is mood jewellery. We all have those go-to outfits and accessories to wear when we’re feeling happy or sad. For me, the three moods that drastically change what jewellery I wear are: confident, romantic, sunny. Discover my top jewellery picks for these moods.

Mood: confident

When you’re feeling confident, you dare to try new things. For example, I tend to mix and match my earrings when my mood is confident. You want to capture people’s attention with your style and attitude, so wear jewellery that enhances your authenticity.

Confident jewellery

Hard Candy Ring by Ger Breslin - £222

This rare pink opal stone is hand-cut by Irish designer Ger Breslin in her Dublin studio. Aptly named hard candy ring, this tantalising ring looks good enough to eat. The striking shape will enhance your confident mood making you feel punchy and poised at any occasion.

Confident jewellery

Yellow Gold Opal Multi-Gem Harlequin Earrings by London Road Jewellery - £495

Confidence doesn’t harness one colour. It channels all colours. Wear these earrings when you’re feeling confident and the compliments will come flooding in. These colours will dance in the sunlight and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Confident Jewellery

Circular Earring With Amethyst In Lavender by Xiaohe Shen - £225

This amethyst single earring is inspired by the cosmos so you know it’ll take your style to intergalactic levels. A person wearing mismatched or single earrings is always edgy and chic. Set the trends this season with jewellery that makes the masses envious of your killer style.

Mood: romantic

Got a date coming up? Celebrating your anniversary? Or simple feeling the spirit of love? When you’re feeling romantic, you want your jewellery to emanate sophistication and glamour. I’m talking glittering gemstones and sultry shapes. So embrace romance with open arms. With these jewellery pieces, romance if but a few jewels away.

Romantic jewellery

Yellow Gold Caged Pearl Lariat Necklace by Laura Adele Jewellery - £155

This gorgeous lariat necklace is the ideal piece for a romantic occasion. The lariat design will elongate your torso and so would look great with a plunging neckline. Feel sexy and chic with this premium gold pick, made all the more elegant with a dainty caged pearl. 

Silver Plated Oval White Hoops

Silver Plated Oval White Hoops by LARA HEEMS - £145

For a glamorous look that will catch your admirer’s attention, invest in LARA HEEMS’ glittering gemstone hoops. This brand’s designs are worn by celebrities such as Lottie Moss, so you know they’re A-list-approved. Wear on your next date, and your fashion stance will secure you a beautiful summer romance.

Yellow Gold Plated SAYA Bracelet

Yellow Gold Plated SAYA Bracelet by K ' S S A R A - £385

Imagine this sultry bracelet lovingly clasped around your wrist like a tight embrace. Gold jewellery is not only on-trend, but the warm hues of gold also emanate romantic vibes. This edgy piece will elevate any outfit to heavenly realms, so what’s holding you back?

Mood: sunny

Have you been feeling sunny recently? Well firstly, we’re happy to hear that! Secondly, you need some bright and colourful jewellery to enhance your happy vibes. From pretty pastel pieces to bold and wild neon picks, we have an array of colourful jewellery that will make you feel sunny all year round.

Sunny jewellery

Margarita Citrine Ring With Stingray Leather by a cuckoo moment... - £1,303

A margarita is enough to make anyone feel those sweet summer vibes. A cocktail ring of this colour and clarity is a whole other incentive! Who could feel anything but sunny with this rock on their finger? With those warm citrine tones dancing in the sunlight, you’ll radiate happiness all summer long. 

Sunny earring

Yellow Gold Plated Rainbow Shelly Earrings by Coco & Kinney - £23

Wear all the colours of the rainbow with Coco & Kinney’s delightful rainbow huggies. These are the perfect picks to wear in your helix piercing. Flashes of kaleidoscopic colour will shine through your luscious locks as you channel your happy mood.

Colour Burst Arrow Black Pearl & Diamond Necklace

Colour Burst Arrow Black Pearl & Diamond Necklace by RI NOOR - £1,745

RI NOOR create dazzling gemstone jewellery that can only make you smile. This necklace is handcrafted in Baltimore by leading designer Shibani Shinde Patil who imbues each jewellery piece with her holistic philosophy, thus amplifying the quality of each stone.