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It’s spring… and many things are blossoming. Your love life, for one. However, making a good first impression to a potential partner has become even more stressful with the rise of the dating app culture. According to Business of Apps, there are around 57 million Tinder users around the world. Out of those users, around 95% meet their matches within a week. This is essentially the first time you will meet them.  But what should you wear? And more importantly, what jewellery will be date appropriate?

A tinder meet-up is the modern day equivalent to a blind date, except you’ve already stalked them on social media since that first swipe. You know what each other look like, but want to make sure that you look your absolute best when you meet face to face. Take a look at our top jewellery tips for a first date, and dare to make this date a memorable one...

Channel a little Parisian chic... 

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamed about going on a date in Paris. In the city of love, dating is glamorised, and I’m certainly not the first to admit that a french accent, a coffee, and a backdrop of the eiffel tower would make me fall head over converse. 

However, sometimes we have to make do with our local restaurants. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t channel a little Parisian style through your clothing and jewellery. This aesthetic is effortless and distinctive. Neutrality is key, so keep colour to a minimum. Blush tones paired with lace fabrics are your go-to for this designer dating look. 

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Stick to a few signature pieces...

Don’t try and go overboard with your accessories. You want your date to focus on you first and foremost, and not to be distracted by larger statemented pieces. Be subtle, and use your jewellery wisely. 

Dainty yet quirky jewellery is the ideal choice. You still want to stand out to a certain extent. A few elegant accents here and there make for a nice touch, and convey qualities about you. Thoughtful, considered, elegant. 

The great thing about distinctive handmade jewellery is that each piece has its own variations and is utterly unique. You don’t need to pair these pieces with an extravagant outfit. They are able to elevate any clothing, which is visible in the below image. 

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Layer ‘til your heart is content... 

One piece of advice that I always tell fashion lovers is to dress for yourself. When you love what you’re wearing, you immediately radiate positivity and confidence. So don’t think about what your date will like. Instead, focus on choosing pieces that you will feel beautiful in.

There is nothing better than walking into a first date with your head held high and social skills on point. Layering up on your jewellery is like putting on your armour. I’m not suggesting that you’re heading into a battle (fingers crossed you aren’t). Point being… when you’re wearing your jewellery, you can face anything life throws at you. 

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Make sure that your jewellery says something about your personality...

What message do you want your jewellery to convey? That you’ve confident? Laid back? Funny? Once you realise that jewellery has the power to carry any message that you choose, you’ll be able to cut some of the awkward date small-talk that we all hate so much. 

Take a look at these gorgeous chandelier-style earrings adorning the ears of Bristol blogger Rafaella Ponce. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Rafaella’s choice of jewellery shows her love of styling and her confidence in wearing pieces that are outside-the-box. These are definitely a conversation starter!

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