Perhaps your friend’s birthday is coming up, or perhaps your work’s annual team bonding evening is just over the horizon. But what’s on the schedule? You guessed it. Fancy dress. It’s the party theme we all hate… mainly because it’s so hard to stand out nowadays. There’s only so many times you can channel your Elle Woods or Catwoman look until it gets old. 

Join us as we take you through some of the best jewellery pieces to wear to a fancy dress party. But, don’t be fooled. These pieces can double up as your everyday favourites too. No need to splash out on a new fancy dress costume, you’ll get more than one use out of this jewellery. Trust me…

The Majestic Masquerade 

Here at JewelStreet we have a HUGE variety of handmade jewellery for any occasion. This week, we’ve been inspired by a lot of renaissance pieces. When looking for renaissance fashion inspo, I fell deeper and deeper into the Pinterest rabbit hole (as I often do). I almost did a full circle and re-discovered the 2018 Christian Dior Paris Haute Couture selection. 

When your hair is swept back from your face, and your mask is on, you only really need a pair of simple drop earrings to complete the look. Masks are one of the easiest fancy dress items out there. And they’re even easier to style. 

A plain black mask can be dressed up for an event with a luxury pair of earrings. And, guess what? You can wear those earrings again and again. That’s the beauty of an understated and chic piece of jewellery. It’s just so utterly versatile.

 Earrings to wear with a fancy dress outfit

Freida Rothman | Slated Noir Disc Hoop Earrings | £137.00

The Golden Goddess

With summer just around the corner, I couldn’t resist but invite the rays into this fancy dress inspired jewellery edit. If I hear anybody utter the words golden hour one more time this year I may go slightly mad. But that’s what makes it such a perfect idea for your costume event. Dress up as the golden goddess  that you are, and you’re bound to receive all the compliments.

Not to mention that this is a great excuse to invest in a pair of earrings you’ve been lusting over for a long time. Not mentioning any names *cough* Carou *cough*. 

These are egyptian inspired, minus the cultural appropriation. This is modern jewellery that channels the importance of ancient lands and earthly souvenirs. They are a celebration of heritage, and treasures of the past.

Skip the endless browsing and secure your exclusive piece of jewellery now. Just visit Carou’s boutique by clicking HERE.


Jewellery Box Beauty 

Ok, bare with me on this idea. You’re the jewellery box.

OK OK… let me explain. Adorn yourself with the most gorgeous jewellery that you can get your hands on. Deck yourself out from head to toe. You’ll shine so brightly people might mistake you for a disco ball. 

Admittedly, this is your absolute go-to if you’re stuck for ideas. Love fashion? Love jewellery? Epitomise these two things to the extreme. Your friends and colleagues know you well, so this is unlikely to come as a surprise. 

Shine and sparkle to the gods, and make all others jealous with your impeccable jewellery style.

If you like what you see in the images below, then check out Victoria Six’s boutique HERE on JewelStreet. Embrace a daring and distinctive vibe.

Victoria Six