Jewellery to wear with your Saree

So, you’re planning to wear a saree. But what jewellery will you wear alongside it? A saree is one of the most elegant and flattering pieces of clothing on earth. This timeless design can be traced all the way back to the Indus Valley Civilisation around the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. This was around 2800-1800 BC! 

Point being, women have been styling jewellery with their sarees for millenia. But how can you pull of this look just as effortlessly as our ancestors? Find out our top tips for pairing jewellery with a saree below, and show your friends and relatives how stylish you can really be...

Colourful Match

Who doesn’t love a splash of colour? If you’re opting for a colourful saree that is bright and beautiful, then try and mirror this colour throughout your jewellery items. We’ve provided a helpful example for you below. 

If your saree has red or orange accents or a golden glow, then an item like this FARRA bracelet would be the perfect match. The asymmetric vibe of the bracelet is intriguing and makes people double-take. There’s nothing more exciting when people stop you to compliment your style. 

The central red bamboo piece adds a real wow factor.

Jewellery to wear with your Saree

FARRA | Red Bamboo Gold Plated Brass Bracelet | £125.00

Golden Goddess

Are you wearing a gold saree? Make a true statement with the golden jewellery to match. All eyes will be on you for the duration of time that you are wearing it. Gold never goes out of style. The jewellery that you choose to go with your gold saree will be timeless and elegant. You can treasure it for years to come, and pass your precious pieces on to your daughter.

If your saree is adorned with sequins, appliques or intricate pattern and detailing, you will want a pair of earrings that cater to this impactful style. We would suggest wearing a pair of earrings that are large and in charge. Your gold saree is a showstopper and is unique. Your jewellery should be the same. Check out these sleek and glossy earrings from K’SSARA.

Jewellery to wear with your Saree

K’SSARA | Yellow Gold Plated MARA Earrings | £220.00

Flowing Form

Much like the fabric of your saree, your jewellery should feel fluid and free. There’s no reason why jewellery can’t replicate the effortless movement and fall of your clothing. 

Below, we have chosen two of our favourite pairs of earrings that are harmonious with this fluidity. You’ll want to dance all night wearing these beauties. 

These Bergsoe earrings are actually inspired by the kites that designer Josephine used to make as a child. Capture this carefree childhood spirit in your style. From child to woman, you have grown to be strong and powerful. You make the movement, and jewellery is your foundation.

Jewellery to wear with your Saree

Bergsoe | Gold & Pearl Storm Earrings | £905.00
Images sourced from Pinterest.