If you’re a June baby, you’ve got three birthstones to choose from: pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. As pearls are so timeless and great for gifting, we’ve decided to focus our June birthstone guide solely on pearls. Did you know that pearls were the first gems ever known to man?

Forming naturally by a living creature over many years, the pearl is one of the most naturally beautiful and surprising gemstones used in jewellery, and until the creation of cultured pearls in the early 20th century, natural pearls were the most valuable gems out there.

Often associated with the moon, pearls have long been a symbol of purity, fertility, innocence and, of course, love. So, whether you’re treating yourself to a birthday present, or someone you love, we’ve picked a selection of our favourite June birthstone jewellery.

Pearl Ring

Treat them (or yourself!) to a contemporary pearl ring. Go for something simple and understated so it can be worn every single day.

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Pearl Necklace

A pearl necklace is timeless, chic and will stay in her collection forever. Choose from a string of pearls, like the Love Necklace by German jewellery designer Yana Nesper, or a single pearl pendant, like this one from The Pearl Quarter.

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Pearl Earrings

Classic studs, minimal drop earrings or geometric hoops? We’ve got the perfect pair of pearl earrings to suit every style.

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Pearl Bracelet

A classy pearl bracelet is a failsafe June birthstone gift. We’ve got a wide selection of styles, designs and price points for you to choose from.

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