My daughter Molly was playing dress up in the morning, and that morning's theme was weddings. She kept saying to my partner Ben "you need to ask me to marry you".

I was giggling and we were all in our pyjamas apart from Molly who was in a full on dress up bridal outfit. Ben said "ok ok" so he got down on one knee and asked her.

"Yes," she shouted, "Where's the ring?!"

Ben then said "one minute I just have to ask Mum something."

At that point I'm gagging for a cuppa so I said, "I'd love a cup of tea".

Ben spins around and said, "will you marry me?" with the most perfect ring in the world.

Now everyone who knows me, knows that I'm not quiet but I was speechless!

It took me a while to say yes because Ben can't keep secrets.

I think he was so relieved when that yes came that he hugged me so tight and afterwards admitted he had the ring in his pocket for months but had been so nervous he just bit the bullet in the end.

We had a beautiful wedding in Devon with five people and Molly was the main star of it all.

To me it was the perfect proposal with my two favourite people in the world.

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