I met my Irish wife Kate on Facebook ever since it first started back in 2004. We started off talking as friends getting to know each other chatting back and forth helping each other out and as our friendship grew stronger so did our love for each other. In March 2013 me and Kate got chatting properly not only over Facebook but over the phone too which was so beautiful. I decided to surprise her by getting an engagement ring on Ebay from a specialist jeweler seller and asked him to ship over to Ireland. On the day of the arrival of the engagement ring, I made sure I was up on time and chatted to Kate as usual when a doorbell rang in her flat. I said it must be the postman with your deliveries of letters and packages, she replied how on earth did you know? I said just answer him lol. She went to get the posts and came back with a surprise voice and said what is this? I said open it...she gasped...I got down on one knee and asked her...would you marry me? She screamed out crying and said "YES!" 

We've now been married for 3 years and it's our 4th wedding anniversary next February 14th. We're very happy together! 

Love you so much Kate!

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