We met on a night out for my sister's birthday. I was sat waiting for her to go home and I started chatting to a group of people. Dean completely ignored me, and he was engrossed in chatting to his friend who had just lost his mother. I tried to catch his attention and only when he had completely finished with his friend did he give me any time! We ended up getting a drink and chatting. As he left, he ran back with his mobile number and gave me a kiss! Totally sealed the deal, and we are now happily married with two sons!

He decided to propose whilst we were on holiday in Majorca. We landed in Majorca quite late and we decided to go for food. Then he suggested that we take a stroll on the beach in the dark. I went along with his idea, but when he tried to get down on one knee and stop me, I actually thought he was trying to get jiggy in the beach - in full view of passers by! So I pushed him away and made some accusatory remarks. When I realised what was really happening, I was mortified. He finally got to tell me why he wanted to marry me. Now we are not too far away from our 10 year wedding anniversary, and we are as happy as ever!