Diamond RIng

Finding an engagement ring should be a joyous event. In a perfect world, it would probably take the form of a simple google, a quick scroll, ‘add to basket’, checkout, finito! Unfortunately not. It’s all roses and hearts until you are faced with vocabulary such as carat, clarity, cut... confused? I don’t blame you. Picking a ring is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Whether you and your partner are making this decision together. Or if you’re being bold and choosing the ring for her/him… I am going to make this process a lot easier for you. Do you know your karats from your carats? Do you know the difference between princess cut and cushion cut? If the answer is no, keep reading.

The diamond engagement ring is one of the most popular jewellery items people use to propose with. And who could blame them? We’ve all fantasised about the perfect diamond ring sliding slowly up our finger. The reality is… most of us know exactly what that ring looks like, down to the colour, cut, and size. (Mine’s a pear-cut citrine gemstone encircled with diamonds… sorry future husband). Cut refers to two things. Firstly cut quality refers to how precisely the rough diamond has been shaped by the jeweller in terms of its light effects. Cut also refers to the shape of the diamond - which is what I shall take you through today.

Diamonds come in a range of cuts, each forming a completely different style. Discover the ten main cuts of diamonds. Once you’re acquainted with the different styles, your partner’s dream engagement ring will become all the more obvious. It’s a tough decision, but I know you can find the perfect ring here at JewelStreet.

Cuts of Diamonds


Hope 18kt Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

Serendipity Diamonds | Hope 18kt Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring | £10,260.00

Round cut diamonds are the most traditional and popular due to their ability to reflect light. The many surface facets allow the light to perfectly gleam from all angles. The price per carat (weight) of round cut diamonds are usually the most high - meaning unfortunately round cuts make very expensive jewellery. But who doesn’t want their engagement ring to glitter and shine? Serendipity Diamond’s Hope Engagement is a traditional and elegant design. The round cut brilliant diamond weighs 1-carat, meaning this ring will go to an very VERY lucky person. Choose this ring if your beloved likes to be understated yet chic.


Princess Cut Pink Morganite Ring

Princess cut diamonds first became popular in the 1970s. The square cut creates structural and striking rings. Like its equally gorgeous cousin, the round cut, princess cut diamonds are highly faceted for a superior sparkle. The princess cut is said to be a great cut for someone with elegant, long fingers due to its architectural aesthetic. It is popular for wedding bands for stones can be arranged side by side. Oh My Christine Jewellery’s Princess Cut Pink Morganite Ring is a dazzling pick for someone whose style is feminine and traditional. Pink diamonds exude romance. Gift this ring to inspire love with every glance.


Gossip Citrine Emerald Cut Rings

Goshwara | Gossip Citrine Emerald Cut Rings | £4,749.00

The emerald cut is one of the first cuts used in jewellery. The rectangular shape and ‘step cut’ style aims to create a wall of mirrors. Though the brilliance (brightness) is not as high as other cuts, the emerald cut remains one of the most popular cuts of diamonds with its vintage feel. The long, rectangular shape has an elongated effect on fingers. This Gossip Citrine Emerald Cut Ring radiates Art Deco glamour. Transport your darling back to the age of elegance and romance with this extravagant and beautiful ring. Diamonds are forever with this gorgeous ring.


Asscher Cut Scallop Artisan Pave Ring

Harry Kotlar | Asscher Cut Scallop Artisan Pave Ring | £21,318.00

Think of the asscher cut as a square emerald cut. The hall of mirrors effect is created with asscher cuts. This cut was named after Joseph Asscher, an Amsterdam-based diamond company. This cut of ring was again popular in the Art Deco period due to its clean architectural lines. Harry Kotlar’s Asscher Cut Scallop Artisan Pave Ring proves just how brilliant a square cut diamond can be. The gleaming platinum fused with the white sparkling diamond forms a ring one can’t help but desire.


Marquise Cut Morganite Diamond Halo Ring

Oh My Christine Jewellery | Marquise Cut Morganite Diamond Halo Ring | £2,239.00

The marquise cut is the ideal cut to elongate one’s finger. This certainly is a cut fit for royals. Deriving from the title superior to counts, royal courtiers used to wear marquise cut rings to symbolise their social rank. The large surface area of the ring gives the illusion of a big diamond. This means the marquise cut’s visual impact is very high for it’s value. Oh My Christine Jewellery’s Marquise Cut Morganite Diamond Halo Ring is eternally elegant and striking. Who would be able to miss a ring like that on your finger? Get lost in the glow of this pink diamond.


Rose Gold & Oval Cut London Blue Topaz Ring

Brian Gavin Diamonds | Rose Gold & Oval Cut London Blue Topaz Ring | £1,020.00

The brilliance evoked through oval cut diamonds create firey and bold rings. Just look at how Brian Gavin Diamond’s Oval Cut London Topaz Ring radiates vintage glamour. Look at how the cool hues of blue sparkle from the checkerboard faceted topaz. The regal effect through the halo motif makes this ring the perfect engagement ring for a woman who loves attention to detail and timeless elegance. The beauty of oval cuts is that they are able to be worked into unusual and diverse designs.


Radiant Cut Ring

Harry Kotlar | Radiant Cut Ring | £37,213.00

The radiant cut is one of the most unique cuts of diamonds. Renowned for its trimmed edges and multi-faceted surfaces, the radiant cut harnesses both round and straight shapes within the diamond. The depth of this diamond gives it an incredible brilliance, whilst its square-like shape renders it with a unique and striking feel. This ring by Harry Kotlar makes me swoon with engagement envy. The luminous yellow diamond is an unconventional pick for a person who likes to keep their style edge and modern. The gleaming white surrounding diamonds really enhance the penetrating yellow iciness of the main diamond.


Tivon Gelati Ring

Tivon Fine Jewellery | Tivon Gelati Ring | £6,996.00

Also known as pendeloque or teardrop cut, the pear cut is my personal favourite cut of diamond. The rounded edge contrasting against the point of the crown creates, in my opinion, a shape of superior elegance. This beautiful shape dates back to the 1450s, exuding luxury and opulence. And what better combination than the pear cut and a large gleaming sapphire? Tivon Fine Jewellery’s Gelati Ring is simply stunning. The deep blue hues are mesmerising, enhanced by the set of glittering white diamonds. This ring could look beautiful on anyone’s finger, but gift to your girl to show her she’s extra special.


Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Allurez | Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Diamond Halo Engagement Ring | £3,141.00

What better cut to symbolise your eternal love for someone than the heart cut. Let your significant other forever hold your heart with heart-cut diamonds that radiate happiness. Allurez’s Yellow Gold Heart Shaped Diamond Halo Engagement Ring features 55 astonishing diamonds. Imagine how brightly this ring will sparkle as you slide it onto your lady’s finger, solidifying your enduring love for her.


Raina Ring

Yael Designs | Raina Ring | £6,842.00

The cushion or pillow cut is essentially a square cut with rounded edges. The vintage feel of the cushion cut makes this an immensely popular pick. Due to the high number of facets within cushion cuts, more light can disperse through the stone making it a very lucrative diamond to purchase your lover. Originating in the 19th century, the cushion cut has evolved to radiate the most light for its unusual shape. Just look at how the Raina Ring projects that gorgeous red hue amongst the other white diamonds. The Raina Ring is far from traditional, so propose with this ring to that special someone that appreciates originality and authenticity.