Proposal Story Ideas

My partner and I met at the ages of 16 and 19 whilst working in Argos at our first Saturday jobs. He used to ask me out every week but I didn’t realise he liked me. He would secretly change the lunch rota so he could have the same break as me just so he could talk to me.

We finally got together at the Christmas party when he carried me over a big puddle of water to make sure that my feet didn’t get wet, and then we ended up kissing in the rain.

Neil decided to propose on September 23rd in 2016. He took me to the thermae spa in Bath where we relaxed all day. He had also booked a beautiful hotel for afterwards.

I was lying on the bed when he said "I’ve got a trick to show you".  I got up and there were some cards spread on the floor. I picked one and it was the three of diamonds.

He then said "Your card is on the window".

I went and looked and indeed it was. I turned it round and written on it was "You are perfect and mean the world to me. Will you marry me?" and I screamed loudly. I turned round and Neil was on one knee with the ring box open.

I of course said yes!!

He had then arranged for champagne to be brought to our room to celebrate and we went out to a lovely restaurant afterwards.