leather we can all love

There's nothing quite like leather. 

Durable. Flexible. Protective. 

And beautiful to wear. Wonderful to look at.  

And to touch.

And off the menu for many of us because of our beliefs. 

But you don't have to live without the things you love about leather. 

When you ditch the things you don't. 

Try these bags, clothes, belts, accessories...

Even your pets can enjoy these leather substitutes and recycled or reused leather goods. 
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Vintage orange Norma clutch shoulder & cross body bag
by Under Her Eyes 
Water metal handle small bucket bag 
Funari Kira faux leather leggings
by Maxine Avenue NYC 
Mosaic Vegan Leather Clutch Bag
by Ark Jewellery by Kristina Smith 
Handmade Copper & Faux Leather Jewellery Set
by CreatIVPeace 
We know you're trying to shop with the planet in mind. 

Sustainable production is a must for makers on JewelStreet. 

And these independent designers aren't following the market. 

This isn't greenwashing.

They're making cruelty free, recycled, and low-impact work because it's what they believe. 

Like you, they know it's the right thing to do.  
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You want distinctive fashion that reflects who you are. 

You won't find that from a fast-fashion site. 

Come and celebrate your creativity alongside these wonderful, original minds. 

We're always waiting to help with your orders on:

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