Me and my partner first met when we were teenagers. I was 16 and Lisa was 17. We went out for 2 years, but she eventually ended the relationship, which broke my heart.

Over the years, we would always see each other around. I even asked her out on a couple of occasions. She wanted to, but felt that she couldn't as she was seeing someone else.

In 2017, we got in touch again and met up for a drink. We kissed that night, and all of our feelings from the past came flooding back.

In 2018, I was given some bad news. I found out that I have terminal lung cancer. We decided that we wanted to spend all the time I had left together as Mr & Mrs Silvester.

So the proposal plan began...

The rest of the story is through Lisa's perspective:

OneĀ  night, Kevin said that we needed to go and see my parents.

"Why?", I asked.

"Just need to ask you dad a question about work".

So, I said okay and we went on our way.

As we got there, he went straight to my dad. Then he looked at me, got down on one knee. He asked for my hand in marriage and got my dad's permission all at the same time. Kevin is old-school like that.