London Fashion Week Street Style

London Fashion Week has flooded the news this week, and we can’t get enough of it. As always, the street style images have taken over all of our social media channels. You can’t scroll too far without double tapping to show your love and appreciation. The streets of fashion week are THE place to see the latest trends. You get to see what the models, influencers, and celebrities have been wearing… and you get to copy them too. Make the pavement your own runway this season, and exhibit your own street style. 

Jewellery and accessories are no longer just a ‘finishing touch’. They are an integral part of your outfit, and deserve all the attention they get. They don’t just ‘tie’ the look together, they supply the foundations for it. Jewellery is moving up the ranks, and refuses to be overshadowed in the industry. It is clear that many of our street style babes have also caught on to this shift. We should not only be clothing aware. We should be jewellery aware too. 

One major fashion lesson we have learnt in the past few days is that there is no such thing as a fashion faux pas. Accessory rules of the past have been rewritten. Prepare yourself for clashing colours, interweaving mismatched patterns, and a whole lot of beige. I fully prepared myself for five days of non-stop style inspiration, and I’m somewhat upset that it’s finished. At least we have the images captured in the last five days to keep us going. Take a look at some of the best street-style looks at London Fashion Week that utilised jewellery to its full potential…

Colourful & Powerful Beads

The streets were overcome with bright hues and mixed tonalities. Take a look at this multicoloured goddess @rosannafalcomer outside of the Vivienne Westwood show on day 3. Colour exudes feeling, and there is no other feeling than happiness that comes to mind here. A rainbow of beads and gems adorn this fashion-savvy influencer. You can incorporate this vibrancy and diversity into your own wardrobe, by choosing to wear beaded jewellery pieces. Colour is no obstacle. Feel free to mix and match, and create your own jewellery rules. After all, your fashion is an expression of who you are. You are three-dimensional, multicoloured and dynamic. You change depending on your situation and environment, so you need an accessory and piece of jewellery that will cater to these changes and still work seamlessly with your aesthetic.

Diamond Earrings & Silver Accents

Pink to make the fashion lovers wink. This look exhibited by @elizabethwhibley is striking and thoughtful. The one feature that stands out among the ensemble, however, is the slogan diamond drop earrings spelling out the word “stressed”. These are ironic, fun and sassy. Despite showcasing the word, they actually decrease stress whilst styling. You don’t have to think about how to elevate your style when you own a pair of earrings as statemented and iconic as these. You need a stand-out piece of jewellery in your stash. Stand alongside the women of fashion week, and add a little OTT sparkle into your life. The streets are your stage, and you don’t need to practice any lines when you can speak volumes with your jewellery.

Luminous Tassels & Floral Motifs  

Check out @faded_spring and her whimsical choice of accessories. Fashion week is a week that has previously been about showcasing all that is weird and wonderful in the fashion world. Some trends appear to have caught on beyond belief, whereas others have shocked and astounded. Regardless, we’ve learnt an important lesson… that fashion doesn’t have an expiry date. Fancy wearing children’s dolls as earrings? Go ahead. No one will bat an eyelid. Feel like wearing twenty bracelets at the same time? You go girl. Want to incorporate fringe and tassels into your style? Hell yes.

Signet Rings & All The Bling

Check out this street-style image of @izzeye captured in the heart of London. The photographers managed to perfectly capture this gentleman’s signet rings. Jewellery can empower people and instill confidence in its wearers - signet rings especially. You can incorporate letters, fluid designs and geometric shapes all together. Mix and match, stack and stagger. There’s no such thing as wearing too many rings. The addition of the golden cuff is also an interesting one. The cuff itself originates from soldiers who used to wear them as protective armour when heading into battle. They are synonymous with strength, loyalty and determination. Show the strength of your style by investing in a similar contemporary golden cuff. You can wear this on top of your long sleeves during the colder winter months. Alternatively, you can wear it in the summer, where the cool metal can glide against your skin under the warmer sun.

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