Food glorious food. What more could we wish for? There is no better pairing than that of delicious food and luxurious jewellery. Here at JewelStreet, we have a quirky range of edible-inspired pieces that capture the essence of a true Christmas feast. They look so delicious that they are almost good enough to eat - please don’t try this at home though!

Choose a quirky piece of jewellery for yourself, or pick one as a gift for a fellow food lover. Show someone how well you know them with a food-inspired piece. Whether it’s healthy or not-so-healthy, they will appreciate the thought.

Being different is good. Embrace what makes you stand out, and express your individuality through your jewellery. Your style is a snapshot of your personality. What does your jewellery say about you?

Tea and Biscuits Please...

These necklaces will make you go from drinking rich tea to the rich club. We’re talking rich  in terms of superior quality, design, and quirkiness.

These pieces are definitely a conversation starter, and can exude your lighthearted and playful personality to people even before they have met you. These are great for the person that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Rich Tea Biscuit Pendant  Rich Tea Biscuit Pendant    Rich Tea Biscuit Pendant

True Rocks |  Sterling Silver Rich Tea Biscuit Pendant, 18kt Gold Plated Silver Rich Tea Biscuit Pendant, 18kt Rose Gold Plated Silver Rich Tea Biscuit Pendant | £395.00

If you’re planning to lose weight after the Christmas period, these are also a great substitute for those leftover mince pies. With this ode to a good dunked-in-tea biscuit, you will be craving a hot mug in no time.

Styling tip: Layer this playful necklace with other understated pieces to retain focus on it at all times. Like the picture below, when your wear these necklaces, you will also have a playful and trendy vibe to your style.

Sterling Silver Rich Tea Biscuit Pendant

You can do it Brucey...

Matilda supported Bruce when he was made to eat an entire chocolate cake, so we will support you! Cupcakes are a lot of people's achilles heel. Why not have a piece of jewellery that commemorates this guilty pleasure?

Here is just a small snapshot into the delectable and delicious cupcake collection by Flavie Michou. Her pieces are inspired by the elegance and exceptional creations of Parisian confectionery. The eclectic mix of colours and styles enables Flavie to create wearable art, that functions not only as jewellery, but as a visual masterpiece.

These cupcake charms have a playful and unique design that captivates and astonishes. The inclusion of interchangeable toppers is a fun and quirky addition. You will never get bored of wearing these.

Flower Power Charm    Berrytastic Charm   Star Gazing Charm

Flavie Michou | Flower Power Charm, Berrytastic Charm, Star Gazing Charm | £150.00, £1,365.00 and £150.00

You’re a fine-apple...

Ladies, trust me when I say that pineapple inspired jewellery will bring the heat of the tropics and the sweetness of summer to any look. Even in the darker days of winter, these pieces will add zest and life to your style. You may even want to replace that star on the top of the Christmas tree with your pineapple, because of the heavenly light that it reflects. These are definitely pleasing to the eye.

Yellow Gold Pineapple Fashion Stud Earrings | Allurez   Gold Pineapple Necklace   Yellow Gold & Diamond Pineapple Fashion Ring | Allurez

Taylor Black | Gold Pineapple Necklace | £150.00


To the movies...

Head to the movies this Christmas with your own personal stash of popcorn. This 18kt Yellow Gold & Enamel Popcorn Ring from The Twist by Danya is part of the Enamel Twist Collection. There really is a twist on this traditional cinema snack here, and this ring is imbued with creativity and alternative beauty. This is a brand that focuses on innovation and self-expression. This is one for the trendsetters of Instagram, who forge their own path to proudly stand out from the crowd.

18kt Yellow Gold & Enamel Popcorn Ring   18kt Yellow Gold & Enamel Popcorn Ring   18kt Yellow Gold & Enamel Popcorn Ring

 The Twist by Danya | 18kt Yellow Gold & Enamel Popcorn Ring | £6,123.00

This piece is a reminder that you should live life to the full. You are at the centre of your own Oscar winning film. This quirky popcorn ring will remind you to keep your head high and remain confident in every walk of life.

Whether you like it salty or sweet (or mixed) this is the perfect accessory for you. Be sure to smuggle it in to the cinema… you can never be too careful about them confiscating snacks!