This month is LGBT History Month. LGBT History Month aims to ‘promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public’. Throughout history, heteronormative society has disavowed and silenced the voices of those whose identity lay outside the category of ‘straight’. This month is dedicated to providing a platform for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, to recognise their history, lives and experiences. JewelStreet champions social progression and equality. We stand in solidarity with the LGBT community, which is why we have created a LGBT-inspired collection of gorgeous rainbow jewellery. Rainbow colours signify the support of diversity, individuality and of course, disavowing the darkness of discrimination with love and kindness. Love has no gender. Love has no labels. And love has no boundaries.


This is our way of helping raise awareness for the LGBT community. And you can help too whilst looking and feeling fabulous! Rainbow jewellery is fun, quirky and colourful. Gift to your partner, daughter, son, parent - anyone who is dear to you. Discover the top picks from the LGBT rainbow collection and share the love today.

Rainbow Rings

Full Bloom 3-Ring Combination Rainbow Identity Ring Silver & Rainbow Demi Pointe Ring

Do you dare to be bold with your jewellery? Or do you prefer elegant and dainty pieces? Whatever your style, I have the perfect rainbow ring for you. Verifine London’s multi-ring colourful ring set is a diverse piece for someone who likes to switch up their style day-to-day. Wear individually or wear together. Either way you’ll look cool and colourful! For a statement look, go for Robinson Pelham’s identity ring. The link design is unique and chic. Wear it with pride. Or gift it to your lover. This is the ultimate ring to share the love. Finally, I have chosen the multi-coloured eternity gemstone ring by XISSJEWELLERY. This kaleidoscopic dream is understated, giving you a rainbow look that radiates sophistication. Feel cool, colourful and fresh with rainbow rings. 


Rainbow Bracelets

Large Multi Colour Bracelet Sterling Silver Mosaic Modern Spiral Cuff Rainbow Bangle

Brace yourself for some rainbow realness! Feel the embrace of love around your wrist with our gorgeous selection of rainbow bracelets. Brighten your look with colourful jewellery that’ll make you feel sunny all year round. For a delicate dash of colour, go for BCOUTURE’s gemstone bracelet. Citrusy citrines and tantalizing topaz - what’s not to love? SOLUNA sources the materials for their mosaic cuff from Peru, creating a bracelet that is authentic and special. This contemporary bracelet emanates luxury, keeping you feeling edgy yet elegant. Finally, fine jewellery designer Robinson Pelham’s rainbow bangle is a piece to treasure forever. The sparkling sapphires and tsavorites will glisten day and night. Layer yourself in the colours of love for a chic style!

Rainbow Necklaces

Rainbow Disc Necklace Sterling Silver Rainbow Necklace Somewhere Over The Rainbow Pendant Necklace

Imagine this: it’s summertime. You’re dressed all in white. The weather’s hot, but you’re cool and classy. And next to your heart lies a gorgeous rainbow pendant sparkling in the sunlight. Beam brigthly with pride with a statement necklace that signifies your affections. Cosanuova’s rainbow disc necklace gives you every colour under the sun for an incredibly affordable price. Crafted from sterling silver using the most glittering gemstones, this quality necklace is the perfect pick to share the love (whilst looking fabulous). Jana Reinhardt’s silver rainbow necklace is a technicolour vision - perfect to gift your significant other. And finally, for a show-stopping piece, choose Elizabeth Raine’s rainbow pendant necklace. This piece is made to order and personalised with a name engraving, forming a one-of-a-kind necklace for your beloved to cherish.

Rainbow Earrings

Rose Gold & Multi-Gemstone Osa Mayor Drop Earrings  Multiple Colourful Ear Wishes 18kt Ethiopian Opal & Diamond Earrings

Rainbow earrings can elevate any outfit. Jaime Moreno Designer Jewelry’s Osa Mayor drop earrings are my personal favourite of the whole LGBT jewellery edit. Mimicking the Great Bear constellation, your love is represented through sparkling stars - what’s more romantic than that? Using precious gemstones of topaz, ruby, sapphire and peridot, this kaleidoscope of colour is a truly special piece. Robinson Pelham’s ear wishes are designed to hang from hoops. Think of it as charms for your earrings! Mix and match with your other jewellery - these fun pieces allow you to create your own style. For glamour, elegance and rainbow magic, you have to have Syna’s Opal earrings. Opals are renowned for their multi-coloured, sparkling appearance. Each opal is unique, perfectly representing your unique love for your significant other.

Wear your jewellery with pride this February. Everyone should be able to shout their love from the rooftops. But for the stylish and chic version of this, choose gorgeous rainbow jewellery.
Images from Pinterest