Are you feeling the love? We certainly are, which is why we have sourced eight of the best “love” necklaces from JewelStreet. If you want to add a bit of romance to your outfit, here’s how…

Yellow Gold Plated Personalised Love Heart Necklace - Posh Totty Designs £49

This yellow gold plated necklace features a classic heart design, with the word “love” engraved on it and a modern chain to finish off the look. 

The heart is free-moving, and you could opt to have it personalized with anything you want. You may decide to have someone’s name engraved instead of the word love. The choice is yours! 

The necklace has been designed by Alice River-Cripps, the founder of Posh Totty Designs. She is based in Brighton today but fell in love with jewellery while working for local Mayan jewellers in the United States. Her brand focuses on positivity, empowerment, and honesty, and these qualities are definitely alive in this beautiful necklace. 

Black Rhodium Live Laugh Love Necklace - Ongkara £151

If you’re looking for an edgier piece of jewellery, we would recommend this stunning necklace that has been designed and handcrafted by Ongkara. 

Ongkara is the creation of two travelling friends, and so their jewellery range is rooted in Eastern culture. Known for their high-quality materials and avant-garde designs, the duo engraves every design with a unique mantra. 

This necklace, in particular, is made using black rhodium and it has the mantra “live laugh love” engraved on the geometric heart motif. The doubled-up chain makes this necklace a bold fashion statement. 

Yellow Gold Plated Spin Me Round Necklace - BUFF £78


This necklace from BUFF is an elegant piece that can be personalized on both sides. The inside heart spins, showing off both sides of the necklace, and adding an endearing touch to the jewellery. 

We have another duo to thank for this creation; Ellie Ingram and Mei-Li Burnside. The two long-time jeweller friends have come together to create versatile jewellery pieces that are suitable for any occasion. 

From day to night; you could easily team this Spin Me Round necklace with a wide range of outfits.  

Sterling Silver Heart of Love Necklace - Hilary&June £64

It does not get much better than this necklace when it comes to showing your love! This beautiful Hilary&June creation features a sterling silver heart charm, which is hung from a silver ball chain and has the word “love” in elegant, flowing lettering. 

The necklace also comes in a special gift box, so it is a great choice if you are looking for a gift for a loved one. 

You may assume that the brand behind this necklace is another duo, but it’s actually the brainchild of Hilary June Burton. She is an Australian designer who creates her stunning jewellery pieces from her studio in Lisbon, Portugal. Her inspiration comes from her love of nature, pop music, and culture. 

Rose Gold, Diamond & Sapphire Ramage Collection Necklace - Pinomanna £8,193

Italian designers Pinomanna have really outdone themselves with this breathtaking piece of jewellery from their Ramage collection. Sapphires and diamonds of different shapes and colours are combined with curvy twigs of 18kt rose gold to create an eye-catching, contemporary, and undeniably beautiful heart-shaped pendant. 

This piece has been inspired by the time and intricacies that all masterpieces of nature need to flourish. It’s truly a work of art, and it is one of the many innovative pieces that the designers of Pinomanna craft from their studio in Valenza, which is the Italian region of Piedmont. 

They take their ideas from architecture, art, and nature to create beautiful jewellery pieces that boast contemporary designs yet elegance of the past. 

Sterling Silver Endless Love Necklace - Silver Origins £73

Next, we have this flowing and graceful necklace from Silver Origins, which combines three stylish, intertwining hearts on a chain that can be adjusted between 16 and 18 inches, enabling you to get the perfect fit. Glossy sterling silver has been used to craft this necklace, and you can also find a number of matching items available from their collection. 

This necklace has been designed and crafted in Cornwall. It probably comes as no surprise that this brand takes inspiration from the wild beauty of the coast in this part of the UK, with the ocean, wildlife, and nature sparking some truly beautiful ideas. We love how versatile this necklace is as well; you can easily team it with any outfit. 

Gold Love Locket - Ruby - Lily Blanche £250

When it comes to jewellery associated with love, a locket is certainly a piece to be treasured. They are for those who love and are loved. 

This beautiful gold vermeil locket features a single diamond in the centre and six genuine rubies, which are brought to life with the beautiful detailing on the gold itself. If you would prefer, you can also purchase this necklace with sapphires or emeralds instead. 

It is a romantic piece, which allows you to keep the people that you cherish the most close to your heart. It has been designed by Gillian Crawford, who is the creative director of the brand Lily Blanche. Working out of her studio in Stirling, Gillian’s grandmother is the inspiration behind the heirlooms of tomorrow that she creates. 

Silver Personalised Mini Heart Locket Necklace - Posh Totty Designs £55

Finally, we have this simple yet beautiful locket necklace, which is another creation that has been brought to us by Posh Totty Designs. 

This necklace would make the perfect gift for someone you love, including yourself! You can choose from a yellow gold plating, 9kt rose gold, or silver. You also have the option of having the lettering in a clear or black finish. 

We would recommend going for the clear finish if you want more of a subtle and elegant look. However, if you want to make the personalization more obvious and you’d like a bolder piece of jewellery, go for the black lettering.