Proposal Story

Where was the proposal?

Lincoln, UK

Tell us how you met

We met on instagram after I followed him and sent him a direct message saying "you’re cute".

Tell us how he/she asked

He lives in Maryland, US and i live in Lincoln, UK. He flew over and got the train up to me from London. I met him at the train station and he had come all the way from London with flowers for me. We walked five minutes to our airbnb (as i am a student so we didn’t want to stay in university accommodation), after getting into the AirBnb (a perfect modern apartment in the centre of town) he gave me gifts. A card, my favourite crisps and hot chocolate that are only available in the US, chocolate and makeup! (SO perfect!). 

He then told me to wait on the sofa as he had one more surprise. After five minutes he told me to come to the bedroom... :')  he had laid out rose petals and had a sign saying "will you marry me?" he then gave me a letter, which was very sweet and about how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and then he got down on one knee and proposed! We then ordered a chinese and watched a rom com movie ahahaha. It was perfect.

Proposal Story

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