With a brand motto that declares ‘life is too short to wear boring jewellery’, it’s clear that fans of the mundane, the ordinary and the safe are unlikely to find their foothold in Lucy Quartermaine’s designs.

“The whole thing began as just a hobby when I was in my teens” the British-born designer explains. “After years of study I decided to set-up on my own, but soon had my first child. I juggled the business with childcare whilst continuing to grow my family.”

She continues, “The whole intention of becoming a jewellery designer was to create jewellery that was unique and totally original, pieces that weren’t readily available everywhere else. I wanted to turn heads with my fluid and organic creations and make a name for myself.”

Art Deco Bangle

Since founding her eponymous brand in 2005, Lucy has achieved her aims and then some, producing jewellery that has a mirror-like polish and immediately recognisable aesthetic beloved by her loyal customer base. “I was, and still am, inspired by the beauty of my surroundings, by the nature I see every day,” Lucy muses. “Water is also a huge inspiration - its awesome power and transformative quality is a big influence.”

This fluidity is perfectly captured in Lucy’s iconic Drip collection, which has become something of a calling card among jewellery collectors. “My hero piece has to be the big Drip Necklace, which is beautifully created, elaborate and fluid, providing a huge impact that turns heads when worn.”

Large Drip Necklace

Lucy Quartermaine

Button Bangle

"Dress every day for yourselves and stand out from the crowd."

This sense of impact is essential for Lucy, who reveals she designs for stylish, confident women who “want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with their jewellery choices”. This isn’t to say that Lucy doesn’t value a sense of playfulness in her designs, which is exemplified by her Jigsaw, Button and award-winning Splat collections. In fact, her Splat Bangle won the coveted Editor’s Choice Award at International Jewellery London, in 2013, highlighting not only the praise she receives from her customers but also her professional peers in the worlds of craftsmanship and design.

In recent months, Lucy has launched her Elements Collection, taking all the organic and nature-inspired influences she’s known for and enhancing them with sparkling Swarovski crystals. “These pieces dazzle above anything else I have created,” Lucy explains. “Launched only at the end of last year, they have already proved to be a great success with my clients. Again, water was a big driver here with one of the collections set with aqua-coloured stones.”

Continual Bangle

“I have a few simple pieces of jewellery that my husband bought for me which are very special to me. But my most sentimental pieces are those from the first jewellery collection I ever made at just 16 years old."

With more than 10 years’ experience as a professional designer, Lucy is always pushing boundaries in order to develop new and exciting collections for her clients. But for the designer personally, it is sometimes helpful to look back and regain inspiration from sentimental pieces from her own jewellery box. Lucy says: “I have a few simple pieces of jewellery that my husband bought for me which are very special to me. But my most sentimental pieces are those from the first jewellery collection I ever made at just 16 years old. It was a modern collection inspired by Celtic jewellery. I still wear the ring all the time.” 

With personality, charm and confidence at the heart of the brand, Lucy Quartermaine gives jewellery lovers the chance to wear something that strikes a conversation and catch the eye. If in doubt, we recommend following Lucy’s mantra, “dress every day for yourselves and stand out from the crowd”.  

Large Button Cufflinks

Editors Picks

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Jigsaw Bracelet​

Part of the Jigsaw collection, this bracelet is inspired by the beauty found in everyday objects. Handcrafted from exquisite sterling silver, this bracelet features a series of chunky jigsaw pieces that are loosely connected with one another via a single chain link to create movement and fluidity.

Jigsaw Bracelet​ 

Small Umbrella Ring​

This is Lucy's favourite ring. It is quirky, stylish, contemporary and just so unusual. It has been very popular with the media as its unusual nature has been a talking point with the top trade Jewellery magazines.

Small Umbrella Ring​ 

Art Deco Long Necklace​

Lucy draws inspiration for her glamorous creations from the styles of the Art Deco period. This fabulous and intricately detailed necklace showcases a number of geometric shapes handcrafted from sterling silver, layered and integrated with one another and finished with beautiful Swarovski stones.

Art Deco Long Necklace​