I’ve been with my boyfriend for 13 years...suffice to say I didn’t think a proposal was going to happen! 

We went to Thailand for our 30th birthdays. We were there for 17 days and experienced multiple romantic experiences. We spent a weekend staying in an elephant sanctuary, we visited the highest point in Thailand, and stayed on a romantic island. 

On our last night in Thailand, about 8 hours before we were due to fly home, we were staying near the airport. After getting caught in a tropical downpour, we were drying off in our hotel room. My boyfriend then decided to just crack out the ring with a “now that we’re turning  30 I thought we should get married”. 

After a lot of “are you joking” from me, I realised he was actually serious, and the ring was actually real! Not only that, but he had actually carried it in his wallet for the whole holiday!

We had a very excited plane journey home! It was probably the most perfect, chilled proposal he could have done!