Whenever I’m searching for a gift that’s extra special, I always opt for something that can be personalised.

It’s simple, effective and makes gifts so much more meaningful.

Posh Totty is my go-to designer for cute personalised jewellery.

And their Personalised Double Hoop Necklace is the perfect way to wear a special message in a subtle way.

The Brighton-based brand make all their jewellery here in England. They’re affordable and just an all-round lovely brand.

There are so many designs to choose from, but this necklace has to be my favourite.

The delicate necklace is handcrafted from 9kt yellow gold-plated sterling silver.

It features two interlocking circles hung on a simple 18” trace chain.

You can personalise the circles with meaningful words of your choice.

Each circle can have up to 12 characters, so it’s time to get creative.

Remember, it’s the personal messages that mean the most.

It could be a name, an initial or a special date…

A cherished memory, an inside joke or inspirational words to help motivate.

Choose something personal and meaningful.

Gift for a friend or partner? Choose the nickname that only you call them.

Gift for your sister? Go for a word or phrase that only you know the story

Gift for a new mum? Have the new arrival’s name and their weight.

Gift for a newlywed? Go for both their names and the date of their big day.

The dainty necklace hangs beautifully and is the perfect size for everyday wear.

Small enough for it to go with every outfit.

Big enough for people to notice and compliment you on it.

It’s also a great length for layering with both shorter and longer pendants.

Posh Totty jewellery is handmade in Brighton.

Every piece is made to order, so your necklace will be individually handmade in the Posh Totty workshop.

Lettering is hand stamped rather than machine engraved.

You can choose from either black or clear letter finish.

I’ve found that black letters look great against silver, while clear letters look beautifully subtle against gold.

Posh Totty focus on three core elements of personalisation: honesty, empowerment and positivity.

Alice River Cripps started the brand in 2004 after returning from living in Mexico, where she learnt the basics of jewellery making from local Mayan jewellers.

Back in the UK and bursting with inspiration, she gradually built Posh Totty from a tiny cupboard under the stairs to a thriving business for all things personalised.

But Alice’s focus is still very much on creating meaningful jewellery that’s significant for the wearer.

"In the vast consumer culture of today's throw-away society it's important that we feel part of a meaningful process. We believe that a purchase should hold significance for our customers, and continue to do so for years to come."

Back in the UK and bursting with inspiration, she gradually built Posh Totty from a tiny cupboard under the stairs to a thriving business for all things personalised.

All Posh Totty jewellery is affordably priced, including this necklace.

The necklace is just £72.


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Whether it’s a gift for the woman you love, your bestie or your Grandma, this necklace will show them just how much they matter.

Want it for yourself? Add it to your wish list or treat yourself on payday!

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