New Year marks the time where everyone wants to reinvent themselves. We may falter throughout the year, but January is the month where we all make an effort to improve ourselves, whether that’s going to the gym 5 times a week, spending less money or being more mindful towards the environment.

Styles change and people change, so if you’re new you isn’t feeling your jewellery anymore, there’s no need to throw it away! Reinvent the old into the new and get creative! Many of our designers create incredible unique jewellery using recycled materials, proving that there’s no need to waste anything to get something new. Fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters in the world, so instead of spending countless amounts of money on mass-produced jewellery, invest in a timeless handcrafted piece that will last a lifetime and cut down on waste.

Failing that, you can jazz up your old jewellery yourself! Here are 5 ways you can make your old jewellery new again.

Rings on necklaces

You’re at work. You look down at your hands to see the ring you were given on your 18th birthday. It’s beautiful and you love it because you have so many memories attached to it. But you’re just not loving wearing rings anymore. There’s no need to get rid of it or leave it in your jewellery box to collect dust. Instead find a necklace chain and string it on. That way, you have a whole new look and still keep your gorgeous ring close to you. For inspiration, check out Posh Totty Designs. They create beautiful necklaces with personalised discs that travel up and down the chain, adding extra sparkle and meaning.


Clean and polish

Your necklace that you wear everyday has unfortunately gone rusty. It used to be this cool silver colour but it has faded to a dull brown. There’s no need to buy a new one or throw this one away. Learn how to clean your jewellery. Many of our designers deliver cloths and cleaning advice when they send out their pieces to their customers, but if you don’t have one, there are plenty of home remedies to brighten up your jewellery. Baking powder, toothpaste and vinegar are just a few of the household items that are used as jewellery polishers. Pop on a TV series and get cleaning! If you don’t want to go to that effort, why not indulge in the rusty colour and go for some bronze jewellery? Bronze is a stunning material that gets overlooked due to gold and silver’s popularity. Bronze is a deep red-brown colour and makes beautiful bracelets and more.


X Jewellery Classic Double Bronze Bracelet (Left)| £127.00
Randi Chervitz - Uncommon Threads Jewelry Bronze Phaedra Cuff (Right)| £88.00

Bend into new shapes

Rings, open rings especially, do have a tendency to bend out of shape. Don’t let this deter you from wearing your favourite rings but rather bend them into a different shape. Make a new design and create a unique piece which no one else has! SVP Jewellery a.k.a the Queen of Rings, makes adjustable rings that are colourful and versatile and will never bend out of shape. If you decide you want to wear your ring on another finger, all you have to do is adjust it to fit yourself.


SVP Jewellery Atomic Midi Pale Ruby Quartz 18kt Gold Vermeil Adjustable Ring & Dynamite Black Quartz 18kt Gold Vermeil Adjustable Ring | Both £85.00

Bead earrings

You’re getting dressed and as you go to put on your t-shirt, you put your hand through your necklace and snap it. The beads on your necklace go everywhere and there’s just no salvaging it. Collect the scattering beads and find something new to do with them! If you have any long drop earrings, thread them onto your earrings to create a colourful and unusual look, that honours your lost necklace.


Designs by JAK Leaf Dangle Medium Hoop Earrings (Left)| £60.00
Betty Balaba Gold Serengeti Dangling Earrings (Right)| £1,600.00

Single Earrings

Everyone who has their ears pierced has a lost an earring at least once. If you’ve lost your favourite earring, there's no need to throw it away or buy a whole new pair. Single earrings have been strutting down the catwalk recently and is edgy and fashionable. Mismatch your earrings or simply wear one to create a high-end fashion look.


JEAN JOAILLERIE 14kt Gold Filled Single Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earring (Right)| £79.00