At JewelStreet, we are proud to represent designers who are mindful about their jewellery making processes. JewelStreet have a great selection of independent handcrafted designers, who are dedicated to making the world a better place by being eco-conscious and environmentally friendly while making their beautiful jewellery. It’s important to know who made your jewellery. You want jewellery from designers you can trust and designers who care about their impact on the world. You want brands who are Fairtrade.

Fairtrade is an institution designed to help workers and products from developing countries achieve better trading and working conditions. Fairtrade promotes better equity in international trading partnerships, through stronger communication, respect and transparency. Fairtrade promotes and offers better trading conditions, fair pay and sustainable development to workers and businesses in developing countries.

How does this come into play with jewellery? Our fairtrade designers only use fairtrade certified materials, recycled metals and will only source from places that care and value their workers, by ensuring they have safe working conditions and get a proper wage.

Meet our top five fairtrade designers who are making the world a better place, while creating beautiful handcrafted jewellery.

Little Joy Jewellery

Little Joy Jewellery is based in the Isle of Wight and was founded in 2011 by award-winning jewellery designer, Lauren Griffiths. Lauren is inspired by minimalist lines in the natural world and creates pieces that are personal to the customer, to ensure they feel happy and confident when they wear her jewellery. Lauren describes her jewellery as minimalist, fairtrade pieces with a raw, contemporary aesthetic. She is passionate about artisanal techniques and uses traditional goldsmithing techniques combined with computer aided design to produce each piece of Little Joy Jewellery. Lauren believes in responsibly sourcing her materials, with sustainability being the main ethos of her company. Lauren sources fairtrade materials, including conflict-free GIA certified diamonds and fairly mined gold. She also uses recycled packaging and ensures her suppliers are of the highest standard. Read Little Joy Jewellery’s interview here.


Little Joy Jewellery Gold Summer Solstice EarringsGold Diamond Dot Necklace & Diamond Arc Shaped Ring | £190.00, £190.00 & £1,290.00

Oria Jewellery

Based in Surrey, Syvonne Saelthun founded Oria Jewellery in 2007 with her creative partner Tania Kowalska. The two created Oria Jewellery due to their concern about the social and environmental impact that mining and production within the jewellery industry was having on our surroundings. They created Oria Jewellery as their way of putting their concerns into practice. Today, Syvonne runs Oria Jewellery and makes ethical jewellery that benefits the environment and its wearers. Oria Jewellery uses certified Fairtrade gold from cooperative mines in Argentina, as well as 100% recycled silver from mines in Bolivia. Oria Jewellery supports the Kimberley process, ensuring their diamonds and other gemstones are sourced from places with strict environmental conditions, that give the workers a good wage. Oria Jewellery is dedicated to making sure their beautiful jewellery has ethical integrity. Read Oria Jewellery’s interview here.


Oria Jewellery Gold Plated Silver Star Necklace, Gold Plated Silver Little Bird Earrings & Sterling Silver Butterfly Teardrop Necklace | £82.00, £70.00 & £44.00

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery

Based in Belgium, Julie Nicaisse created her own brand after working for years for numerous designers and jewellery companies. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Julie transforms organic patterns, textures and shapes into eye-catching, affordable and wearable pieces. Julie Nicaisse Jewellery uses the finest precious metals and ensures the materials she uses are environmentally friendly. Whenever available, she uses fairtrade certified metals and recycled metals to create her contemporary pieces. Julie prefers to use traditional jewellery making techniques to make her pieces and is dedicated to providing unforgettable jewellery that leaves no impact or trace on the environment. Read Julie Nicaisse Jewellery’s interview here.


Julie Nicaisse Jewellery Rain Drops Earrings, Treasure Of The Abyss Ring & Fairtrade Gold Comet Pendant On Silver Chain | £190.00, £350.00 & £490.00

Erin Cox Jewellery

Based in Exeter, Erin Cox evokes the organic beauty of the coastal location surrounding her into her beautiful ocean-inspired jewellery. Erin Cox Jewellery proudly supports Fairtrade, using certified fairtrade gold that has been stamped with the fairtrade logo during hallmarking, to guarantee its quality and Erin Cox’s commitment to the cause. Erin Cox Jewellery uses ethically sourced gemstones and precious materials when creating her pieces. Alongside her eponymous jewellery brand, Erin Cox also owns and designs for Molten Wedding Rings, her company that specialises in wedding jewellery. Molten Wedding Rings also supports Fairtrade and creates raw, organic and ethical gold and platinum wedding rings, perfect for those who want a timeless piece of jewellery with a modern twist.


Erin Cox Jewellery Fairtrade Gold Half Eternity Ring, Floating Pearl Pendant & Bubble Drop Earrings | £1,920.00, £127.00 & £2,220.00

Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte

Belgian designer Marie-Benedicte de Schryver creates breathtaking designs, inspired by flowers and animals found in nature. Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte is dedicated to creating meaningful jewellery for customers, while adhering to fairtrade and ethical practices. Marie-Benedicte exclusively works with recycled gold and silver which is RJC certified and gemstones that are conflict-free and from a sustainable origin. She works with trusted partners in the diamond district of Antwerp in Belgium, who comply with the UN rules and the Kimberley Process. Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte is committed to making fashionable high-end jewellery while upholding sustainable and ethical standards. Read Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte’s interview here.


Jewellery Design Marie-Benedicte 18kt Yellow Gold Moonstone Earrings, Etoile Chanceuse Necklace In Silver And Pearls & 18kt Rose Gold Coup De Coeur Ring With Edison Pearls | £2,863.00, £397.00 & £1,708.00