Buying someone a piece of jewellery is an incredibly personal gesture. Make it even more personal this Christmas with a piece of jewellery that has been specially customised to your requirements, so you can give your loved ones a one-of-a-kind and unique gift. From a simple pendant with an initial engraving to a locket filled with photographs of cherished memories and loved ones; let us show you our favourite pieces of personal jewellery available to buy on Jewelstreet.  

Traditional engraving

One of the most popular and traditional methods of personalising jewellery is engraving. Straightforward and simple, it’s the perfect way of putting a personal stamp on jewellery. British brand, Hall Collection, create contemporary, minimal jewellery that is brought to life with engravings. Signet rings that can be personalised with one initial, ID bracelets that can fit a name or short phrase and understated tiny disc pendants with space for up to 5 characters, Hall Collection offer a wide range of jewellery to fit the engraving of your choice. Lily and Lotty are a popular UK brand for affordable and personal jewellery gifts, and their Scripted collection offers a sweet way of personalising jewellery. Interlocking rings with your chosen words are joined together on a chain to create a wearable necklace with an endearing message.



Fingerprint personalisation 

While engravings are designed to be seen by everyone, there are many understated and discrete ways of personalising jewellery. One brand pushing the boundaries of personalised men’s jewellery is Serendipity Diamonds. Their fingerprint cufflinks let you engrave your loved one’s exact finger print onto a simple pair of cufflinks; make it a meaningful gift for any father by using their little one’s finger print. The brand has also created a unique pair of compass cufflinks that can be personalised with coordinates of any location; from where you first met or the location where you got married.

Cherished memories

Lockets are a lovely way of giving jewellery a sentimental touch; fill them with photos of cherished memories and loved ones so they are always kept close to the heart. Scottish brand, Lily Blanche, have a beautiful collection of vintage-inspired lockets that open up to reveal spaces for photos. Their bestselling Memory Keeper lockets are expertly crafted to open up and reveal six secret photographs; a future heirloom piece.

Birthstone jewellery

Birthstone jewellery is another great way of adding a personal touch to a Christmas gift, and London’s Gisele for Eshvi offers a striking contemporary collection of birthstone jewellery. From diamonds in April, to rubies in July, the brand offers matching earrings, rings and bangles for each birthstone - all you have to do is remember when their birthday is!