This year, more and more men have decided to join their partners in wearing an engagement ring. What better way to commemorate your love then by wearing your ring front and centre for all to see? Historically, gender norms have meant that us girls have been carrying the torch of love up until the wedding. Whereas now, both partners can celebrate their engagement side by side.

Likewise, many women are proposing to their other halves nowadays. Finding your husband-to-be a ring will no longer be a daunting process, as here at JewelStreet we’ve got a fantastic collection for you to choose from.

Introducing the man-gagement ring: an embodiment of strength, capability and resilience. If you ask us, the perfect men’s engagement ring is made up of a number of different qualities. These include, but are not limited to, a bold and robust style, a durable and solid material, and a powerful and heroic aura.

Poised Platinum

The Danhov Platinum Tubetto Flat Band is a masculine and unique ring with a firm composition. This man-gagement ring is inspired by the conventional bride’s ring and echoes the endless love of a wedding promise. The cyclical nature of this ring, and the inclusion of a repetitive circle pattern symbolises the permanence and eternal nature of his love. This ring is guaranteed to be a family heirloom that will be passed through the generations to come.

Danhov Platinum flat band

Danhov | Danhov Platinum Tubetto Flat Band | £5,265.00

Daring Diamond

Perfect for the edgy and non-conforming husband-to-be, this statement Argent Architect Ring is imbued with a sense of structural integrity. It is an ode to the polished beauty of civilisations that we have built upon. This works as a metaphor for your marriage too, in that you have created the foundations through which to build a happy life for yourselves! Encrusted diamonds add a delicate shimmer to the ring, which elevate the meaning of the piece and increase its impact.

Argent architect ring    argent architect ring

 Xiaohe Shen | Argent Architect Ring | £248.00

White Gold

Nothing screams bold quite like White Gold. This Cornish Seawater Textured Handmade 14kt White Gold Nautical Wedding Ring is striking. When you pop the question with this ring, he is sure to say yes! This is not only a great choice for a man-gagement ring, but it is also an ideal ring for everyday wear. It’s raw and palatable design has been organically shaped using the sea from the Cornish coastline.

Cornish Seawater Wedding Ring    Cornish Seawater Wedding Ring

Joseph Lamsin Jewellery | Cornish Seawater Textured Handmade 14kt White Gold Nautical Wedding Ring | £865.00

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold man-gagement rings are the perfect choice for men with a warmer or neutral skin tone. This 9kt Yellow Gold Russian Wedding Ring in particular, is comprised of two intertwining strands that illustrate the union of marriage. Thus, this ring displays the harmonious blending of each other’s lives, as two become one essence.

 9kt Yellow Gold Russian Wedding Ring   9kt Yellow Gold Russian Wedding Ring

Star Wedding Rings | 9kt Yellow Gold Russian Wedding Ring | £207.00