Marquise diamonds and stones are beautifully elegant. They boast an elongated elliptical shape, with pointed ends. Not only do these diamonds look stunning, but they can also create the illusion of a bigger size because of their narrow and long shape. 

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, a marquise cut will definitely impress. Read on to discover more about five of the best marquise cut engagement rings. 

Marquise Cut Opal Ring - Oh My Christine Jewelry £695

Firstly, we have this lustrous and mesmerizing engagement ring from Oh My Christine Jewelry. If you are looking for a unique engagement ring that is unlike any other on the market at the moment, this ring definitely ticks the box. 

The brand is known for creating pieces of chic jewellery that are modern and ladylike, boasting a beautiful opal centre stone and lots of small diamonds around the band. 

Crafted in downtown Los Angeles, California, the centre stone is really the star of the show. You can get lost in the dreamy lustre of the opal. The diamond pave 14kt yellow gold band ensures there is plenty of glamour too.

Marquise Rose Gold Ring - Oh My Christine Jewelry £655

Rose gold is one of the biggest trends in the jewellery industry at the moment, and it is a trend that has a lot of staying power. If you want an engagement ring that has a modern touch and is a bit different from the norm, but you are assured to love and adore for years to come, this ring definitely ticks those boxes. 

The morganite stone boasts a captivating pink shade, which is guaranteed to catch the eye. This is teamed with rose gold and a number of small diamonds that cover the band. It is an undeniably feminine, elegant, and fun engagement ring, which will sparkle and shine brightly. 

By having morganite as the centre stone, you will be able to benefit from an incredible engagement ring at a much cheaper price. As the diamonds are still included around the band, you still have the luxury and shine that they bring too. It is the perfect combination. 

Marquesa Tiara Ring - Cynthia Bach £2,621

We have another stunning engagement ring that is brought to us from the United States. This time, though, it is coming from Cynthia Bach. Based in Los Angeles, she is known for her supreme attention to detail and a remarkable sense of style. 

Although she is based in the US today, her family has travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe, with Cynthia surrounding herself with modern and ancient masterpieces of architecture, art, and gardens. She has definitely used this to help her create some truly beautiful jewellery pieces. 

We love the regal feel of this ring from her collection. The design is a simple one, yet it is one that packs a very powerful punch. It boasts a central marquise diamond and an elegant tiara band. 

It was designed to be a statement of elegant simplicity, and we definitely think that Cynthia has achieved exactly that. We love the contrast between the sparkly diamonds and the gold band. 

You will have no trouble matching this engagement ring with a wedding band once the time comes to walk down the aisle either. A lot of people don’t consider this when they look for an engagement ring, and so they can often have trouble when it comes to finding a wedding ring that sits perfectly with their engagement band. You won’t have to worry with this marquese Tiara ring though.

Rose Gold & Ruby Royale Ring - Baenteli £5,161

If you are looking for a unique ring that is different from the norm, you have definitely found it with this rose gold and ruby ring. It features a bright red marquise cut ruby in the centre, which is then brought to life with the white pave diamonds that are set on a rose gold band that has been crafted into a unique shape.

Rubies have become a popular choice for engagement rings. It is not hard to see why when you consider the fact that this is a stone of passion, energy, and love. It is also considered a protective stone. It is believed to bring passion and happiness to the wearer. 

The ring has been designed and handcrafted by Thierry Baenteli. He is esteemed for his superior quality collections and designs among the Haute Joaillerie houses. 

He uses nature to inspire his amazing pieces. They honour the hues and silhouettes of the natural world with their asymmetrical detailing and fluid lines. Thierry is also known for using the most prestigious materials and stones, and this is something that you can definitely see in this creation. 

We definitely recommend taking a look at some of his other creations; they are incredibly beautiful and very impressive. 

Marquise Cut Morganite Diamond Halo Ring - Oh My Christine Jewelry £1,817

Last but not least, we have this beautiful marquise cut morganite diamond ring. This has also been crafted by Oh My Christine Jewelry from their Los Angeles studio.

The ring features a beautiful cut morganite, which boasts a striking deep pink marquise shade. More and more people are going for colourful stones today when it comes to engagement rings. With this ring, you have the beauty of the pink morganite, yet there are still plenty of diamonds that surround the centre stone and the band as well, so you get the best of both worlds!

Morganite is a pink variety of beryl, which is a mineral that includes aquamarine and emerald. The colour is caused because of manganese traces. The stone can undergo a number of different processes to change the clarity and colour of the stone, as well as to improve the durability of it. 

We certainly love the way that morganite has been used in this ring. The vibrancy of the stone is guaranteed to catch the eye, especially with the diamonds sparkling and enhancing the beauty of it.