Emerald is known to be Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone and it has been a gem that people have been fascinated by for over 6,000 years. A fine Emerald may actually be 2 or 3 times more valuable than a diamond.

Emeralds are even known to be able to help people with confidence issues, speech difficulties and allergies. Many cultures believe Emeralds have various powers, for example - 

- The ancient Egyptians believed the Emerald stood for fertility and rebirth.

- In ancient Rome, gods supposedly watched gladiator fights through a large Emerald as the colour was known to be calming.

- In China, Thursday used to be the day for wearing green and Emeralds for good luck.

Emeralds, beyond looking stunning, are the birthstone for May. But they look beautiful on anyone, so whether it is your birthstone or not - don't be afraid to wear this vibrant colour.

On JewelStreet, we have plenty of Emerald jewellery to choose from. Whether for a gift or treating yourself, made by the world’s finest independent designers.

Here are our top 5 Emerald bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings -

Bracelets are simple to wear as they slip on and can add something to the most plain of outfits - place an Emerald bracelet next to your everyday watch to add a some sparkle, or for a fancy dinner paired with a stunning dress. Either way Emerald bracelets will become your beautiful go-to choice.


                                                          Sparkling Large Bracelet | Seven Times Lucky Star Bracelet


                                         Green Goddess Bangle | Baguette Toggle Bracelet | May Emerald Bracelet

Blake Lively doubled up her bracelets - it's unusual to see this, but how good does it look? Why not even wear 2 different Emerald bracelets to give a dramatic effect.

Necklaces can really become a statement piece - big or small, this immense colour will without a doubt make you shine. These exquisite Emerald necklaces will be the finishing touch your outfit needs.


                                                     Emerald Cut Emerald Pendant | Emerald & Diamond Tassel Necklace


                   Oval Cut Emerald Pendant Necklace | Emerald Knotted Necklace | Scarab Choker With Emeralds

Emily Ratajkowski styled her Emerald with other gemstones, you can never wear too many precious stones. Layer your necklaces to get this look.

Rings are an ideal piece to make your hands look a little more deluxe - Emerald rings are sure to stand out with their amazing colouring. Worn alone or stacked, these rings will give you that desired result.


                                     Emerald and Diamond Flank Ring | Emerald Ring with Half Diamond Halo


              Signature Romance Emerald Sterling Stack Ring | Emerald Ring | Emerald Stackable Ring Band

Victoria Beckham upgraded her wedding ring to an Emerald. This is a perfect idea, even for engagement ring or promise ring. These are also ideal for statement rings - get your hands on one now.

Earrings are for all occasions, whether you fancy hoops, studs, statement or drop style. Having an Emerald glimmer on your ear will give you a timeless and fabulous look, as well as giving you that confidence to shine.


                                    Emerald and Diamond Belle Drop Earrings | 9kt Gold Emerald Stud Earrings


              Classic Pearl & Emerald Drop Earrings | Antithesis Fine Earrings on Emeralds | Olive Emerald Earrings

Saoirse Ronan mixed it up a little and went for 2 different coloured earrings, such a cool and unique look - why not try this?

If you know someone with a May birthday, or would just like to treat yourself, check out our impeccable pieces in the Emerald collection here on JewelStreet, which are made by the world's finest independent designers.