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Mission Atelier was named after the energetic and elegant San Francisco neighbourhood, Mission. Founded by designer Bobby London back in 2020, Mission Atelier is known for handcrafting unique lines of traditional jewellery pieces that have been reimagined into sleek and modern designs.

XO Limited Edition Necklace
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IMAIMA is a Berlin-based fashion brand that combines the ethos of India's tradition of hand-crafting and embroidering, with the stylish and modern aesthetic OF Berlin’s art and culture scene. Founded by fashion designer Bahhareh, who grew up assisting her father in his own small fashion business, IMAIMA is invested in empowering women through clothing. 

Cropped Black Turtle Neck Mey Blouse
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Petiquette Collars handcrafts luxury leather dog collars that are as individual as your pet! In 2005, owner Geoff was frustrated with the lack of well-made leather dog collars that were available. He decided to take matters into his own hands and after receiving advice from his local leather shop, Petiquette Collars was born.

Handmade Italian Leather Dog Collar
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