the magic of Flutter Mother
Labradorite macrame crystal amulet necklace

Madeline - as Flutter Mother is known to her friends - is casting spells for you.

Marvel at the glow of healing crystals. 

Perfectly held in intricately hand-knotted macrame patterns.

Imagine yourself in a fairy woodland...

This jewellery collection takes you there now.

Macrame sodalite earrings 
Madeline's work is handmade for you in Connecticut.

The New England woods are ancient and sacred.

A trip to catch their Autumn colours is a must for any US trip.

A magical inspiration for these organic, natural pieces. 
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Enjoy the warm, soft feel of wearing macrame. 

An age-old craft with a very contemporary resonance.

We know Madeline's work is going to be popular on JewelStreet. 

So shop now to secure your own piece of fairyland with the crystals that enchant you. 

Is amethyst, quartz, agate your stone? 

Read Madeline's guide to the crystals in each piece.

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