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Meet Kayleigh Pope, the Paris-loving, Stevie Nicks-channeling, jewellery enthusiast and talented wedding photographer. I had the pleasure of meeting Kayleigh at the JewelStreet Mother’s Day lunch and photoshoot (read about it here). Whilst perusing a selection of gorgeous jewellery, Kayleigh and I talked style, photography, and jewellery of course. Having shot over 200 weddings, both in the UK and abroad, Kayleigh has been acclaimed for her incredible shots - just look below! Kayleigh had always been fascinated by cameras to which she thanks her Grandfather for teaching her how to take wonderful photographs. Her lifelong passion translates through romantic and unique wedding photographs, through which a natural flair for photography is visible.

Kayleigh Pope Wedding Photography

Kayleigh’s love of jewellery means she holds expert tips when it comes to both bridal and fashion styling. At our event, we both discussed out recent love for gold jewellery and those special items we had inherited from loved ones. On her blog (click here) not only will you be swooning over her wonderful wedding photos. But you will also see Kayleigh’s picks of jewellery to inspire you for your wedding day (or every day accessorisation!) Follow Kayleigh to see her photography talents, but also to be influenced by her authentic and fashion-forward style. Want jewellery finesse like Kayleigh Pope’s? Read my interview below and discover the top bridal and styling tips from an industry expert.

Kayleigh Pope JewelStreet Event

I read in your bio that you’ve been intrigued by photography from a young age. What drew you specifically to wedding photography?

I always loved photography and at university I was asked to do a wedding... and then I got a few more. I started to realise that weddings had changed from the traditional 'wedding photographs'. They had become like mini fashion shoots and brides wanted to look like the people in the magazines. I then fell in love with them and how they're all different and you're capturing people on their most happy day.

The pressure of capturing the most important day of someone’s life is immense. Yet your photographs are always so full of emotion and joy! What are the biggest challenges you face as a wedding photographer?

The biggest challenge I think there is for a wedding photographer, is to know whats happening before it happens. You need to be in the right place so you can capture exactly what it happening. The other challenge is... weather.

Kayleigh Pope Photography

We love that you are all about the jewellery - in weddings and in life! What are your top 3 items of jewellery in your jewellery box?

A ring my Grandma left me when she died. I wear it all the time.
Pair of hoops.
A necklace with Paris co-ordinates on (I love Paris!)

Kayleigh Pope and mum at JewelStreet Mother's Day Event

And what would you say is the most important piece of jewellery the bride should wear on her big day? (other than those very important rings of course!)

I like a bracelet as your hand will be photographed. But I also love a good earring! Especially if your hair is up!

What’s the most unconventional jewellery look you’ve seen a bride rock on her wedding day?

Big tassel earrings or a necklace that hangs down the back of a backless dress.

What tips would you give a bride regarding accessorising her wedding look?

Be you (but the best version) and wear what makes you feel good. Don't think you have to wear silver if you usually wear gold.

Kayleigh Pope Earring Photography

As a fellow earring enthusiast, I’m eager to discover what pair of earrings on JewelStreet would you choose to wear on your wedding day?

I would wear a simple hoop like 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Simple Oversize Hoops... or 18kt Gold Savannah Leaf Box Earrings with Claws!

18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Simple Oversize Hoops 18kt Gold Savannah Leaf Box Earrings With Claws

Quickfire questions:

Gold or silver? GOLD
Band or DJ? BAND
Hoops or studs? HOOPS!!
Winter or summer wedding? SUMMER (in Italy)
Hair up or hair down? DOWN
Diamond ring or wedding band? DIAMOND (not too blingy though)
Traditional or modern? MODERN

Discover Kayleigh's Instagram for fashion inspiration, style tips, and dazzling wedding photos. Now you have Kayleigh's expert advice, feel confident that you can look incredible on your wedding day.

Kayleigh Pope Photography

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