Inspired by the opulence of Northern Europe’s imperial heritage, Anita Sondore offers impressive fine jewellery that is bold and beautiful with a modern sensibility. Born and raised in Latvia, Anita discovered her goldsmithing potential whilst studying in Rome, Paris and Florence, before launching her own eponymous brand.

Her mission is to observe the world around us and see sources of inspiration to develop or build on, in everything. Her jewellery is forged by hand from 18kt golds, diamonds and precious coloured gems, creating harmoniously balanced and eye-catching statement designs. We chat with Anita about her journey.

Have you always been passionate about jewellery design?

“I’m the granddaughter of a blacksmith. Different crafts were always present in all our family activities since childhood. So, it was no surprise when I went to university to become a teacher for visual and applied arts and crafts. During the studies, I grew particularly attached to metal works and jewellery. And many years later my dream came true when I went to Rome to studying silversmithing at Ermini family studio, which was followed by studies in Florence and returning to Riga for studies at Academy of Arts of Latvia.”


How has your childhood influenced you as a designer?

“The most beautiful time in my childhood were the summers spent at my grandparent’s farm in the countryside, situated between the deep forest, corn fields, apple gardens and lots of flowers. We had a big family, and family gatherings were always followed by singing, talking and sometimes dancing. I’ve kept this joy of living since then and now transform it in beautiful jewellery to evoke this deep feeling of joy and happiness for me and for the women who wears it.”

"I create jewellery with a message that I hope is clearly striking and full of energy."

What drove you to start your own line of jewellery?

“Passion. My mission as a woman is to generate more beauty in the world and nature has given us the inner strength to do that – deep knowledge of healing, mystic and magic powers. I believe that my jewellery will help to feel, carry and disseminate this power. I create jewellery with a message that I hope is clearly striking and full of energy.”


Values are hugely important to us at Jewelstreet. What are your core brand values?

“My mission is to tell contemporary stories and capture them in jewellery that will endure from generation to generation. My calling is to be alert and enthusiastic and to see the unusual, the magical in everything, to let odd, unseen and serendipitous things take place. Everything in life can be a captivating springboard for a rich and tasteful story.”


"Everything in life can be a captivating springboard for a rich and tasteful story."

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

“My designs are inspired by the opulence of Northern Europe’s imperial cultural heritage but interpreted with a modern sensibility. I see the magic in everything, even in silence. Everything, from life to death, is a moment that becomes a springboard for an intriguing story told by using jewellery. The colours of precious gemstones and metals capture emotions and events in a woman’s life, and these can be passed down through generations like a mirror of time.”

How do you source your materials?

“We source our materials worldwide, but the colourful gemstones which we are known for come for our special cutter in Jaipur, India.”

How do you want someone to feel when they wear your designs?

“My jewellery is bold and beautiful, I want them to make a powerful statement about the women who wear them.”


What drives you to keep creating new and exciting designs?

“My passion and my drive is to make beautiful jewels that can be worn in a woman’s everyday life as well on special occasions. To create this is an ongoing process.”

Anita Sondore's jewellery is available to shop on Jewelstreet here.