Meet Nicole Serrao, a beauty and fashion blogger, as well as a brand and influencer consultant. When it comes to social media, Nicole is the entrepreneurial woman in the know, having culminated an impressive following on Instagram (click here) and on her personal blog (click here). Nicole started her career as a beautician in her homeland of Canada, before moving to Bristol in the UK, where she branched out into the world of social media. 

Today, Nicole uses her social expertise to help others. Alongside her personal brand, Nicole is also the founder of Bloom & Tell, a community of Bristol and Bath-based content creators. Nicole started this platform as a way to meet new people in the digital space, as well as offering support and advice to influencers starting out. 

A fan of minimal designs that are full of meaning, Nicole is a fashion fiend and jewellery addict. On her blog, she talks extensively about how to style certain items and where to find the most unique fashion. Sunday Style Shop is a new series on Nicole’s blog, where she tells her audience about the items she’s loving, including picks from high-end brands, high-street shops and independent designers. 

Read our interview with Nicole below, and find out how her style is interlinked with her sense of ambition. We also chat about the importance of knowing where your fashion comes from, and get the top advice on how to start out on social. 

What drew you to the world of social media as a career?

I have always been a bit of a social butterfly, and with that, I’ve found myself always at the hottest local events. From there, my audience grew, and I had the opportunity to be social in more spheres.

I read that you were a beautician in Canada before you moved to the UK. How much has your life changed from making the switch of countries and careers?

My life has changed in the aspect that when I was in Canada, I was primarily working in the beauty space, one to one with clients. Where as here in the UK I do most of that online.

What was your inspiration for starting your brand, Bloom & Tell?

When I first moved over to Bristol I knew I wanted to make friendships with people in the creative and digital space. So I thought, why not create an all inclusive space to do exactly that! The online world can be a funny one, where people can put themselves out there online, but in real life, it can be harder to forge those relationships. So I love that I created a little space for others to come and connect with other like minded people, and get support from one another.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start out in social media? 

Just go for it, you will learn by trial and error. But with that, the sooner you can figure out your niche, the sooner you will find targeted success!

What are the core values that you live and style by? 

Always offer more value than what was expected of you, and be kind.

JewelStreet is home to independent designers from around the world, who carefully and lovingly hand make every piece on the site. How important is it to you to know where your jewellery and fashion is coming from?

I love picking up independent pieces in all areas of my life, because there is so much more of a story that goes along with each and every piece. Ultimately what I have learned is, my job and passion is aligned with being a storyteller. When buying from something or someone who isn’t an independent, it is so much harder to tell that story. And if that story is hard to tell, then its that much harder to create good content around it. If I cannot create good content around it, my viewers will probably not be that excited with it either.

We all have jewellery items that we just can’t leave the house without! What are your go-to jewellery pieces?

My grandmother designed some 12kt solid gold bangles from South America for me. It was the last gift that she gave me, and I received it 4 months after she died. I love that it is custom and no one else has it. I love that it comes from her home country, which even more so feels like it is a piece of her. I love the design and colour of it. It's the most beautiful yellow gold you have ever seen!

What are your top jewellery styling tips?

I LOVE layering and I love simple pieces. When the pieces are more minimal I feel like you can layer them as much as you want, and it never looks too flashy!

We’re so excited to be collaborating with you on your own exclusive collection with JewelStreet! Tell us a bit about the pieces you’ve chosen and the style of jewellery our customers can expect to see.

The pieces I have picked are classic, but still impactful. They are for the girl who believes in the statement, ‘less is more’. Although you may not be blinded by the choices she wears, you also won’t be able to not notice the pieces she is wearing. It is the exact right amount of styling to fully finish her outfit.

Quick Fire Questions:
Gold or silver? 
Hoops or studs? 
Instagram or blogging?
Heels or flats?
Summer in the UK or Summer in the US?
Summer in the UK
Beauty or fashion?

Check out Nicole’s Instagram for fashion inspiration, style tips, and expert advice. JewelStreet have collaborated with Nicole on her very own exclusive collection. The Nicole Serrao Collection is full of gold and silver and dainty minimal designs. Shop The Nicole Serrao Collection today!

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