WAWL Decor, founded by designer and artist Robyn Fontaine creates handcrafted custom home & nursery décor. WAWL Decor focuses on trendy designs perfect for any season of the year - from wall décor, hanging macramé pieces, bathroom and laundry décor to dining room favourites, pillows and throws, there is décor that fits everyone's taste and needs.

Robin Fountaine chats to JewelStreet about the history of her brand, inspiration and how there has never been a low point in her career. 

How did your brand begin?

When I was pregnant with my 1st baby and sitting in my son's room I thought, why does everyone wait till the end of the pregnancy to decorate their baby's room. I wanted to create a company that would be easy for people to shop for themed baby's room, as well as decor for the whole house.

When did you first fall in love with designing and knew you wanted to become a designer?
I fell in love with Interior Design and Decorating when I was in High School, helping out a designer in La Jolla, California. These homes had the most stunning decor and I was hooked. I knew I wanted to study Interior Design in college.
Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
I love looking at all things as an opportunity to draw inspirations, from being in nature, looking at magazines, scrolling through social media, travelling. I believe it is all around you.
How do you source your materials?
I look for materials that are organic, recycled, or not typically in your craft stores. I try to use other small businesses to source our materials. This ensures that our products are made to the highest quality that I would want in my own home.
Are there any celebrities you would love to see wearing your designs?
I think it would be pretty amazing to see our products being used in any of the DIY home shows, or used on movie sets, or in any celebrity home.
How do you want someone to feel when they use your designs?
We want them to fall in love with their decor from the moment they open it. We want them to feel like they got exactly what they ordered and were looking at. That their decor was made of real materials that will last.
What has been the highest and lowest point of your career so far?
Our highest point was being featured in British Vogue and World of Interiors, our lowest point, which is not really low, just a learning curve of juggling all aspects of our WAWL with juggling 3 little kids- really having not enough time in a day.
Do you have any exciting future plans and where do you see your brand in 5 years?
In 5 years we see our home decor being people's first option in buying handcrafted home and kid décor with our collections growing in variety. Where we have a team of designers and craftsmen working on creating a modern and trendy home and kid décor.
What music do you play in the studio whilst you’re working?
Spotify's relaxing music playlist.
Winding down after a day in the studio is sometimes difficult for a designer, what do you do to help this process?
Being with my family going for a walk or enjoying the outdoors.
Favourite series to binge-watch on Netflix?
With the pandemic and most things locked down, we have watched so many good shows. The Crown, My Next Guest, Any Documentary, Locke and Key, The Politicians, Schitt's Creek, The Umbrella Academy, Formula 1, Extraordinary Home, and the list goes on.
Thanks for talking to us Robyn.