Alrún Nordic Jewelry was founded by talented Reykjavik-based runesmith Jón Bjarni Baldursson. His brand is renowned for its Nordic inspired jewellery that puts a contemporary twist on an ancient form.

He created his line of bindrunes to celebrate his Nordic cultural heritage. These enchanting pieces have a meaning beyond their beauty, and invoke a symbolic power that intensifies the personal message that the wearer receives.

The collection is home to original, unique and unusual designs. They are androgynous pieces that are incredibly wearable. Alrún Nordic Jewellery’s stylish pieces are fascinating cultural talismans, that spark conversation whenever they are worn.


How did your brand begin?

The idea for Alrún came to me while I was traveling in Egypt years ago. The personalized nature of Egyptian cartouches made me think about my own Nordic culture and the way that Norse bindrunes were thought to intensify the meaning of a personal message, invoking a symbolic power.

Values are really important to us at JewelStreet. What are your core brand values?

Alrún is founded on principles of integrity and honesty, both in terms of design and in how we run our business. Our designs are deeply thoughtful, and the connection we forge with our customers will always be of utmost importance.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Our bindrunes are modern symbols that I created using the ancient Norse method of binding individual runic letters.Each symbol spells a powerful Icelandic word, and acts as an invocation in the wearer's daily life.  



Tell us about some of your most inspiring clients, or bespoke commissions.

I'm proud to see our jewellery worn by some incredible women like the World Crossfit champion Annie Mist Thorisdottir, and three-time Olympic javelin thrower Asdis Hjalmsdottir, who both wear our Strength pendant. Renowned Canadian soprano Andriana Chuchman wears our Music symbol, which is very cool!

Can you recall a particular moment with a client that will stay with you forever? Could be a funny horror story or a fond memory.

It is an honour to see the special place our jewellery has in our client's lives. Worn by Cancer survivors, women during labour, world-class athletes and grieving families, every symbol is so personal. It's very rewarding to touch so many lives.

If you hadn't become a designer, what would you be doing?

If I hadn't become a designer, I would likely be teaching salsa dancing, which is one of my passions. I enjoy meeting new people, and I think I would definitely thrive in that kind of creative career.

Do you have any exciting future plans and where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In five years we will have further expanded into textiles and designer products for the home. We've already debuted a line of Nordic woolen blankets, and our aim is to diversify our product range and build upon the success we are enjoying today.

If you could travel to one place in the world right now, where would it be and why?

Since I've spent quite a bit of time dancing salsa, I'd like to try something new. I would love to travel to Argentina to learn tango. It's a fascinating dance and I'd enjoy learning more about the culture behind it.

How do you ensure you’ve got a good work/life balance?

My wife and I work at Alrún together, so that in itself helps remind me that there's more to life than business. I try to stay active and involved with my own hobbies, and at the end of the day, my wife makes sure that we spend fun time as a family.