Jackie Kennedy, Oscar de la Renta, Catherine Deneuve and Queen Sofia of Spain.

You shop in their footsteps when you buy TANE at JewelStreet.

Stand out with the avant-garde, exquisitely hand-crafted TANE look.

And celebrate Their 80th birthday by discovering the style that makes TANE Mexico's biggest jewellery brand. 
Sterling silver bordados chain choker.
Bordados means embroidery. This divine collection immortalises delicate needle-and-thread work in striking precious metal pieces.


Sterling silver and vermeil jaguar pendant
Luxuriate in the long, feminine curves of these feline pieces. The Animale Collection celebrates natural beauty and flatters and delights the wearer with its slinky, richly textured finish.


Sterling silver cactus malachite bracelet
Anyone who appreciates clever, minimal design and detail will absolutely love this bracelet. Wear the Cactus Collection to feel the strength of an icon of Mexico. Make your own bracelet with a fabulous box of 925 sterling silver and stones like lapis lazuli, carnelian, jade, and tiger eye. 
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This international, sophisticated design excellence is so refreshing.

Shop the TANE collections today to experience an eye-opening new perspective for your jewellery box. 

And shop with the security of a 28-day returns policy on most items and our famous customer service. 

As Duncan says on TrustPilot:

"Excellent. I only wish other companies were the same. A very positive experience. Thank you."

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