Creating memories is the key to happiness.

Or at least, it is for me.

Life is a journey filled with special moments and people that you never want to forget.

The pinch-me moments that remind you just how incredible your life is.

Lives are formed by precious memories.

Whether it’s the endless adventures with your best friends.  

Watching your children take their first steps and make their own way in the world.

Or contently growing older with your one true love.

These memories deserve to be cherished.

So I’ve found a unique piece of jewellery that lets you keep your memories close to your heart at all times...

The Memory Keeper Locket has a hidden secret. 

On the surface it looks like a beautifully intricate pendant.

But gently release the two ‘arms’ and you’ll unlock its secret…

Inside you’ll find 6 spaces for your most cherished photographs.

A secret place to keep your loved ones with you at all times. 

Capture precious memories and wear them close to your heart. 

The Memory Keeper Locket is designed to celebrate memories.

Whether it’s memories of loved ones, of moments in time or of our younger selves.

The locket is an heirloom piece of fabulous craftsmanship.

Its unique spherical design can be easily unfolded to reveal the photographs.

And then concertinaed back to keep them hidden inside the pendant. 

Choose from sterling silver, 18kt yellow gold vermeil or 18kt rose gold vermeil. 

The locket is available in three different metal finishes dependent on your taste.

All of them are hallmarked in Edinburgh to ensure the authenticity of the metal.

You can also choose between two chain lengths - 18 inches (46cm) or 24 inches (61cm).

Each Memory Keeper is individually handcrafted in Scotland. 

Lily Blanche is a small independent brand based on the edge of the Scottish Highlands.

Gillian Crawford is the wonderful woman behind the brand.

Inspired by her extraordinary grandmother, Lily Blanche Sheridan, Gillian creates sentimental jewellery imbued with meaning and hidden secrets.  

She transforms vintage designs by giving them a subtle modern twist.

Gillian's jewellery celebrates life and expresses love. 

The Memory Keeper Locket is Lily Blanche's bestselling piece. 

“There's a reason we mark important life events with jewellery; we want the occasions and people who matter to us to be represented, not by something ephemeral, but by something precious and permanent.” 

Lily Blanche jewellery has caught the eyes of high profile clients including Cold Feet star Hermione Norris and Tennis Coach and Strictly Come Dancing star, Judy Murray, who commented, “It’s my absolute favourite piece of jewellery!”.

Give the gift of memories this Christmas. 

Lockets make the most meaningful jewellery gifts.

Fill the Memory Keeper with photos of love and joy.

And give it to someone special as a gift.

Watch their face light up as they open the locket and see what’s inside.

It’s a piece of jewellery they'll treasure forever.

Fill it with photos of family.

Photos of friends.

Photos of cherished life moments.

Simply put, fill it with love

The Memory Keeper Locket starts at £250.

But be quick, it's prone to selling out! (particularly the yellow gold version)

Order today if you want to guarantee yours in time for Christmas.