Proposal Story

I met my partner on the Saturday night of freshers week in 1999. I had spent an emotional week moving out of home at 17 and moving over 350 miles away from Aberdeen to Huddersfield. I had spent the week partying with my new housemates and really just wanted a Saturday in.

I remember the day vividly. We spent the afternoon in the laundrette washing for the first time... and washed this down with bottles of £1.35 Lambrini!

That night, we decided to venture to the Student Union night club called Eden. After several shots of Apple Sourz, us girls hit the dance floor. 

As I looked around, right at the other side of the room I spotted this tall, dark and handsome guy with floppy hair. Just my type. 

I was literally staring at him and he caught me looking. I quickly glanced away and carried on dancing. 

Every so often, I caught myself looking over and he would look back. Next time I looked, he wasn't there and I panicked. Had I lost him? I looked around again and realised that he was stood right by me.

He introduced himself as Mark. We went to the bar and chatted. He took out his wallet and said "I would offer you a drink but I only have enough for me and my bus fair". So I bought our drinks.

We had a bit of a snog that night, but then I was forced to leave as my housemate was ill.

On Monday 25th October, my flat mates dragged me to the on campus pub. Out of nowhere this voice appeared and said "I believe I owe you a bottle of red" which is what I bought mark in Eden. From that day on we have literally been inseparable!

We have been through thick and thin together. I moved further down south after university to be with Mark in Sutton Coldfield. We spent an incredible year travelling the world and in 2008 we bought our own house. Life was perfect until I suddenly lost my mum due to an aggressive cancer in 2013. Through this period, Mark was my rock.

Fast forward to Christmas 2014. We had been together 15 years. For my Christmas present, Mark bought us a holiday to Venice. On Easter Sunday 5th April 2015, after a day marvelling the sights of St. Marks Square, we sat with a coffee on our balcony. We were watching the world go by, just he and I, and we were enjoying each others company. 

Mark rummaged in his bag and gave me a little bunny tin and said Happy Easter. I opened the tin, and inside there were little chocolate eggs and a piece of tissue paper. I slowly unwrapped it. 

Mark was suddenly on one knee, asking me to marry him and I unwrapped the most beautiful ring. My bottom lip started to quiver and we kissed. I naturally said yes.

It was the most perfect proposal I could have asked for.

We got marries on 26/05/2018. It's nearly our first year wedding anniversary, and in October it will be our 20 year anniversary. I still love Mark now as much, if not more than when we had first met. I can't wait to spend the rest of our forever together. Who would have thought that at 17 years old you can find your one true love!