Opes Robur Minimalist Jewellery

Everyone needs some minimalist jewellery in their life. We love colour, sparkles and extravagance when it comes to jewellery. But in some cases, less is definitely more. The minimalist trend has become increasingly popular within the past ten years. From architecture to art to fashion, it is evident that the contemporary aesthetic resides in clean forms that focus on structure rather than decoration. Fall Ready-to-Wear 2019 collections are currently being launched at London Fashion Week. Designers such as Marta Jakubowski - whose heavily-tailored collection evoked an emphasis on silhouette over substance - proves that simplicity often makes the biggest impact. The same could be said for jewellery.

Minimalist jewellery is simple, striking and powerful. This could take the form of a geometric silver ring or a bold pair of gold hoops. Not all of us like to be glamorous and feminine with fashion. I tend to opt for a more masculine and structural style over dainty or glittering items. With contemporary and minimalist jewellery, everyone can look on-trend. Discover my top picks of minimalist jewellery to inspire you with this season’s hottest trend.

Minimalist Rings

Indochine Long Ring in Shiny White Gold Plated Snow Ring Plated Sterling Silver Line Ring

Minimalist rings come in all shapes and sizes. A simple gold band can add a dash of fashion finesse to any outfit. A striking and sculptural ring conveys style confidence and conviction. Silver is the colour synonymous with contemporary, which is why I have chosen three very simple yet different rings for you to channel the minimalist look. EKRIA’s Indochine ring is handmade by London-based designer Esra Karadeniz. The industrial aesthetic is inspired by the designer’s time spend in Brooklyn. She aims to create sculptural and chic pieces that can be shared by both men and women. Style with tailored clothing for a striking look that fuses the past and the future. For a bold and brasher look, go for Padionae’s Snow Ring. Carved from a cool and crisp marble, this design radiates architectural flair. This ring commands attention, so let it take prime position on your hand for a look that exudes drama. Finally, My Bling’s Plated Sterling Silver Line Ring would fit perfect with your existing jewellery. Style with your other rings to add a drop of contemporary chicness to your ensemble.

Minimalist Bracelets

Pearl Bracelet Sterling Silver Linear Bracelet With Topaz Silver Plated Titanium Steel Bolt On Bracelet

Bracelets make a great addition to any winter wardrobe. Style over your cashmere jumper for a pop of personal style that looks effortless. Summer is for colour - so embrace the cold winter air with bracelets that radiate icy magic. Imagine how chic you’d look with an usual bracelet like Jan D’s Pearl Bracelet contrasting against your warm skin tone. This unique cuff consists of three white or peacock coloured pearls, which perfectly balance against the cool silver hues. The designer uses recycled silver, so not only does that bracelet channel minimalist flair, but it also is ethically made. My next two picks are from London-based designer Opes Robur. Opes Robur aim to enhance the wearer’s individuality through simple yet striking jewellery. The dainty blue topaz within the Sterling Silver Linear Bracelet adds the perfect pop of colour to the design. For something slightly more industrial and edgy looking, Opes Robur’s Bolt On Bracelet is the pick for you. Its modern aesthetic is guaranteed to lift any outfit for some top level fashion finesse.

Minimalist Necklaces

The Lover's Garden Necklace Medium Tangle Necklace Plated Sterling Silver Amazon Necklace With Enamel

Necklaces are a great way to mix up your style. I have five rings which I wear everyday. Sometimes, I do not change my earrings for weeks. But everyday I will wear a different necklace. It is often the first piece of jewellery one notices, and so I always match my necklaces to my outfit. These three picks are all different in style, yet equally chic. My first pick is a unique necklace by New York-based designer Xiaohe Shen. The design features two simple gold circles which hold a white nephrite square. The designer aims to imbue their jewellery with spiritual meaning, which is why this piece is names ‘The Lover’s Garden’. It is inspired by the ancient gardens of Suzhou, whereby the garden’s red peonies are portrayed through the luxurious red ruby. If your style leans toward the ultra-modern, Heather O Connor’s Medium Tangle Necklace is the necklace for you. The interlocking oval links can be dressed up or dressed down for a timeless contemporary look. Finally, Athens-based designer My Bling serves some classic black’n’gold artistry through their Amazon Necklace with Enamel. The necklace radiates girl power through reference to Amazon women warriors. Feel confident and poised with a necklace designed to champion female empowerment. 

Minimalist Earrings

Unity Double Circles Earrings 18kt Gold Dipped XXL Golden Link Earring Long White Pearl Earrings

Go asymmetrical, mismatched, mix silver and gold - minimalist and unique earrings are the easiest way to rock the fashion boat. Start your minimalist journey with Corinne Hamak’s Unity Double Circle Earrings. The warm gold hues contrasted with the cool silver tones creates balance and harmony. Wear as a pair of mix with a simple gold stud for an edgy look. These earrings look great with any outfit - your white work shirt, your bandeau dress, even a crisp white tee. Invest in your jewellery box with fashion-forward minimalist earrings and feel on-trend all year round. The Golden Link Earring by Glenda Lopez offers a more dramatic style to dress your outfit up. This modern twist on a conventional hoop shape is striking and bold. Finally, for a look that merges traditional and contemporary aesthetics, go for Jan D’s Long White Pearl Earrings. The crisp iridescent pearl set within the jet black mold creates an eye-catching design yet with an art deco twist. Jan D prised himself on creating functional and creative pieces for both men and women. His background in architecture lends itself to the creation of sculptural jewellery pieces that are edgy and chic.
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