No longer an accessory restricted to men with a noble status, today’s modern signet ring has been completely re-imagined. Make way for a new crop of minimalist, gold signet rings that are becoming a staple in many people's everyday jewellery. From secret dates hidden in braille diamonds to classic initial designs, the choice is yours...

Dating back to as far as 1800 BC, signet rings were traditionally engraved with a distinctive seal or monogram so people could use them as their signature. In a time where only a few could write, these rings, with their distinguishing mark or badge, could be impressed on wax or clay to authenticate documents and establish ownership.


Over time the signet ring continued to be used as a seal, but the symbols represented people’s occupations, heraldry and hobbies. One’s initials or spouse’s initials paired with a floral design was also a popular choice, along with mottos and monograms that held personal meaning.

Jessie V E’s Feel the Love rings cleverly hide a secret date or message in the diamonds themselves. Available in white, rose and yellow gold, the signet rings from this collection are designed for two initials. So, how does the innovative London designer do it? By using the braille alphabet as the guide, specific diamonds are set upside down with their points in the air to reveal a secret that only you will know.


Staying in London, Sophie Breitmeyer’s customisable signets rings take a much more traditional approach. The classic oval shape and flat surface can be personalised with initials of your choice, in a font of your choice. They could be your initials, your partner’s, or perhaps your child’s. This is a future heirloom piece that you’ll be able to pass down through the generations of your family.


Many brands still use traditional designs in their signet rings, but with a touch of modernity. Israeli jewellery brand, ARTEMER are renowned for their delicate, vintage-inspired rings. Their Dog and Snake Signet Ring is hand engraved with Egyptian jackal-god ‘Wepwawet’, who is a solar deity and represents kingship, and Uraeus, a cobra goddess who is often seen protecting solar gods and kings.

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