Moissanite jewellery is known for its beauty and its durability. In recent years, Moissanite jewellery has become increasingly popular, and it has started to hit the headlines. Initially mistaken for diamonds, it’s no wonder that this precious stone is making waves. 

If you’re searching for unique Moissanite jewellery, you won’t be disappointed with our scintillating collection of stunning, distinctive pieces. Celebrating the natural beauty of Moissanite, combined with the artistry, innovation, originality and creativity of gifted independent designers, our Moissanite jewellery range is simply spell-binding. 

A brief introduction to Moissanite

Moissanite jewellery is becoming more popular, but it’s still relatively unknown in comparison to gems like diamonds, emeralds or sapphires. Moissanite was discovered in a crater in Arizona in the 1890s and it is named after the man who first stumbled across it, Henri Moissan. At first, Moissan thought the rock was diamonds, but on closer inspection, unique properties were identified, and Moissanite as we know it came into being. It is extremely rare to come across natural Moissanite, and pieces are often crafted using lab-generated Moissanite. Moissanite is sometimes known as stardust or the space diamond, as it can be found in the rocks that form the Earth’s upper mantle, most commonly meteorites.

Moissanite jewellery you won’t find anywhere else

Accessories can lift any outfit and make even the most basic and understated ensemble bespoke and beautiful. If you’re looking for unique pieces that will stand out in your accessory collection and start a conversation every time you wear them, you’ll love our Moissanite jewellery range. The beauty of these items lies in their originality and individuality.   

18kt Yellow Gold Rosie Ring, £2,000

18kt Yellow Gold Rosie RingAn organic piece that features a sparkling, iridescent black Moissanite set in a yellow gold band, the Rosie ring is elegant, delicate and timeless. The stone is surrounded by an 18kt gold plate setting, with an ornate rose on either side. A celebration of femininity with a vintage feel, this ring will add class to any outfit. The ring is entirely handmade and every detail has been covered with unparalleled care and attention at the Melissa Anderson studio. The tiny, intricate roses set the black stone off perfectly and they are a beautiful example of the shapes and touches that encapsulate the Victorian era. The Rosie ring offers a striking alternative to some of the more common ring designs featuring diamonds and sapphires and classic, plain bands. This ring can be used for many different purposes. An ideal addition to any vintage-themed jewellery collection, this beautiful piece could also be a stunning choice for an engagement ring. 

18kt Yellow Gold Isabella Ring, £3,100

18kt Yellow Gold Isabella RingA decadent, opulent solitaire ring featuring a stunning Moissanite, the Isabella ring is a spectacular choice for an engagement ring, or a ring that is designed to represent commitment, love or shared experiences. The sparkling stone is the star of the show, but the overall aesthetic is jaw-dropping with a yellow gold setting and a delicate band. This Melissa Anderson Jewellery ring has a strong Victorian influence, and it’s bound to appeal to those who gravitate towards vintage designs. If you’re looking for an engagement ring with the wow factor that is also timeless and refined, this could be the ring you’ve been dreaming of sporting on your finger. Every element of this ring has been hand-crafted with stunning results. 

18kt Yellow Gold Collette Ring, £2,900

18kt Yellow Gold Collette RingA classic solitaire ring with a quirky edge, the Collette ring epitomises Victorian class and sophistication at the same time as offering something different to traditional engagement rings. The band has a feathered design and the simple gold setting allows the stone to steal the limelight. Handmade with love by Melissa Anderson Jewellery, this ring is breathtaking in a classic, understated manner. The yellow gold works magnificently with the deep-coloured stone, and it’s a perfect piece for those who want something distinctive that is also modest and chic. 

18kt Yellow Gold Camille Ring, £2,900

18kt Yellow Gold Camille RingA spectacular piece that exudes vintage glamour, the Camille ring boasts a centrepiece that is bound to turn heads. Featuring a substantial Moissanite stone, which sits in a yellow gold setting and is flanked by ornate, decorative clasps, this ring has all the charm you’d expect from jewellery that is based on Victorian artistry and design. To either side of the Moissanite, there are tiny golden spheres, which sit atop a sleek yellow gold band that has an engraved chevron pattern. This ring is handmade in the studio of Melissa Anderson. 

The designer

This spectacular collection of Moissanite jewellery comes from designer Melissa Anderson. Based in New Zealand, Melissa designs and hand crafts every single piece at her studio. The inspiration for the Moissanite rings comes from the Victorian era, a period that is synonymous with grace, elegance, femininity and luxury. Each individual item in the collection is handmade, meaning that every single piece is completely unique. The Moissanite rings celebrate vintage style and glamour and they offer an alternative to more conventional engagement and promise ring styles. Featuring high-grade stones, which are captivating and striking, teamed with yellow gold settings and bands and intricate detailing, they are a wonderful representation of the beauty and versatility of Moissanite. 

Melissa is hugely passionate about her brand, and she has put together a Victorian-inspired collection that celebrates and showcases the elements of crafting she adores the most. Each piece is different, and the aim is always to facilitate a personal connection between the wearer and the jewellery they choose. Melissa’s Moissanite jewellery is designed to cater for different budgets and to delight those who have a passion for styles synonymous with times gone by. 

Moissanite was first mistaken for diamonds, and it’s no wonder this stone, sometimes known as stardust, is becoming more and more popular. Offering many of the benefits of diamonds with the added bonus of versatility, Moissanite jewellery is likely to appeal to buyers searching for high-quality, unique pieces. At JewelStreet, you’ll find Moissanite jewellery unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else, and you can buy direct from the designer.

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