We take a look into the history and myths behind morganite meaning; a unique gemstone with a subtle pink hue that is said to promote loving thoughts and actions.

What is morganite?

Part of the same family as emerald and aquamarine, morganite is a beautifully transparent pink-orange variety of beryl. The pretty stone gets its subtle colour from traces of manganese, which usually ranges from pale pastel pink and soft peach to rose tinted and deeper bluish pink. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a morganite that displays a particularly strong colour though, as light tones are much more common within the stone.  

Practically all morganite gemstones are heat-treated to improve the pink colour; heat drives off any yellow or orange tinges, leaving a pure and attractive pink. Because of its colour, morganite is a very feminine and pretty gemstone to use for jewellery; the stone is cut into all standard shapes and sizes, as well as in unique designer cuts. Most morganite comes from pegmatite mines in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and the miners in Brazil have found crystals as big as 10kg before. However some of the best quality morganite has come from the original deposit in Madagascar.

Morganite Ring

Morganite meaning

Throughout history there have been a range of myths and opinions what the true morganite meaning is and what it can bring to the wearer.

Due to its gentle pink shade, many people associate morganite meaning with the heart chakra and love; it is known as an angel and heart stone. It promotes loving thoughts and actions, consideration and responsibility, and helps one become receptive to love from others. As a crystal of the heart, morganite meaning is linked with attracting one’s soul mate or in deepening a current relationship.

The gemstone has a gentle energy which can cleanse the body of any stress, anxiety and hidden traumas, and instead arouse a lightness within as if a burden has been lifted. Some people use morganite meaning as a comfort through difficult times; the stone inspires awareness that life’s suffering and pain serves a higher purpose in one’s spiritual growth, and helps moving on in a confident and peaceful manner.

You might not know...

The largest faceted morganite is a huge 598.70 carat cushion-shape from Madagascar, now in the collection of the British Museum.

Before 1911 this gemstone was known as pink beryl, until George Kunz proposed the name morganite to honour his friend and customer J.P. Morgan for his financial support for the arts and sciences, and his important gifts of gems given to museums.

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