For most of the world, Mother’s Day is this Sunday - which is only three days away! Of course, everyday we should be celebrating and thanking our mums for everything they do for us. But this Mother’s Day, make her day with unforgettable and meaningful jewellery that she’ll cherish forever.

Jewellery is the best way to show anyone how much you mean to them, especially your mum. Pick something that will suit her style and that is tailored to her hobbies or her personality. By choosing jewellery that does this, she is more likely to wear it, rather than leaving it to collect dust in the bottom of her jewellery box. Whether your mum is a fan of vintage glamour or is a lover of the great outdoors, pick jewellery that is meaningful to her and caters to her likes and passions.

The Vintage Mum

If your mum is a lover of vintage glamour, the Vintage Mum is the collection for her. Full of classic pearls, filigree detailing and plenty of sparkle, vintage jewellery is the perfect gift to give to a mother who loves looking to the past for fashion inspiration. Choose from traditional jewellery materials and gemstones, like diamonds, pearls, gold and silver for a modern take on vintage beauty.


Lustre of London Yellow Squiggle Ring (Left)| £110.00
ORA Pearls Classic 14kt Gold White Pearl Necklace (Middle)| £170.00

The Thoughtful Mum

Our mums are the ones who brought us into this world and there is nothing that can rival the gift of life. Personalised jewellery is the best way to show your mother who much you appreciate her, so give her a piece that is tailored and customised to her. Whether you inscribe meaningful dates, initials or names into her present, the effect is beautiful and is one that she’ll keep and wear forever. Jewellery with sentimental value is the best kind and if your mum loves to look through photo albums, personalised gifts are the perfect gift for her.


Oliver Twist Designs Sterling Silver Secret Fingerprint Ring (Left)| £119.00
Lily Blanche Gold Feather Locket (Middle)| £100.00
Deborah Blyth Jewellery | Yellow Gold Plated Personalised Disc Charm Bracelet (Right)| £105.00

The Adventurer Mum

Does your mum love to explore new countries? Is she never too far from the ocean? Does she love hiking through the wilderness? If your mum loves the great outdoors and can never be teared away from nature, the Adventurer Mum collection has the jewellery for her. Pick from textured wave cuffs, shell earrings and pictures of the mountain, so she can keep her hobby with her at all times.


Damian J. Miles Fine Silver Wave Cuff Bracelet (Left)| £295.00
Susan Driver Yellow Gold Plated Oceania Abalone Hoops (Middle)| £204.00
Peak Jewellery | Sterling Silver Love The Outdoors Necklace (Right)| £45.00

The Spiritual Mum

More recently than ever before, yoga, meditation and spirituality has become an accessible, every day form that more and more people are taking up. If your mum is a dedicated yogi, or is just getting into the spiritual side of life, embrace her spirituality and indulge in jewellery that will keep her balanced and centered. Gift colourful pieces that will align her chakras or meditative jewellery that will calm her world and bring her inner peace.


Nicofilimon I Am Connected Ring (Left)| £377.00
Silatha - Fine Jewellery & Meditation The Ocean of Infinity Yellow Gold Necklace (Middle)| £241.00
Lucy and Penny | Healing Rainbow Bangle (Right)| £105.00

The Fun-Loving Mum

This collection is for the mum who doesn’t take life too seriously and who loves to have fun. Embrace her fun and quirky side and gift her jewellery that expresses her personality and elevates her style. The Fun-Loving collection is perfect for the mum who’s a fan of music, a lover of animals or just wants to have fun with her jewellery and try out different styles.


Damian J. Miles Yellow Gold Scottie Earrings (Left)| £65.00
True Rocks 18kt Gold Plated Silver Rich Tea Biscuit Pendant (Middle)| £395.00
Nicole Barr | 18kt Gold Bee Lapel Pin (Right)| £550.00

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of jewellery. Stray away from the cliche flowers and card, and give her something she’ll never forget and never take off.