You’ve packed your day and night outfits, a good book and your essential electronics. But something is still missing? Your jewellery. We’ve probably sent you into a mad panic about what pieces to bring, what will match which outfit...

When it comes to packing your jewellery for your weekend getaway, it’s important to keep in mind that not every accessory is practical for holiday wear. Those dainty drop earrings you love might slip out when you swim in the pool, and your much-loved ring could get lost in the sea.

But panic over, as we have found the middle ground. We give you our top five jewellery items that will accessorise your weekend outfits both practically and stylishly.

Vea Fine Jewelry: Graceful Pear Stud Earrings White Gold - £384.00

If you are jetting off to spend your weekend getaway on the beach, fussy jewellery can get lost if you plan on heading into the sea so save the statement accessorising for the evening. If a stack of bangles or a bold beaded bracelet is only adding to your sunburn pain, opt for a pair of sculptural silver toned studs to add minimalist flair.

The Graceful Pear Stud Earrings, by designer Vea Fine Jewelry, is the perfect jewellery piece for your beach weekend getaway. Inspired by stories and experiences of the modern women who live in the cosmopolitan city, these earrings will help you avoid the harsh tan lines that you’d get from chunkier items like a cuff bracelet or a statement necklace.

Crafted out of durable and precious 18kt solid gold, these elegant earrings are dusted with the finest, light-catching diamonds. Showcase this delicate style with swept back hair and watch them sparkle in the sunshine.

Amara Amara: Aqua Gold Necklace - £195.00

Whether it be Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Edinburgh, fashion is everything in cosmopolitan cities. So, remaining stylish is a must. Contemporary jewellery pieces will ensure you’re the ultra fashionista on your weekend break from dawn to dusk.

Gemstones never go out of fashion. So when in doubt, gemstone it out. Choose the Aqua Gold Necklace, by designer Amara Amara. Made from genuine aqua gemstones, this necklace features three yellow gold plated dainty chains creating the illusion of three separate necklaces. Look no further than stylish layered necklaces for a high end style.

Crafted with love and passion, the aqua gemstone is known for its healing properties within friendship, balance and energy. The finest cut, vivid gemstone will brighten up the most simplest outfit.

Joke Quick: Turquoise Ring - £4,751

Adding colour is the easiest way to change up your look. Pack a jewellery item that combines textures and shades to be ultra trendy. A big bold ring is our must have colourful item for a weekend getaway, but, if you prefer a more subtle look, try a pair of small dainty drop earrings in toned down shades such as earthy green or dusky pink.

We are obsessed with Joke Quick’s Turquoise Ring, and it’s the very first jewellery item we would pack. Boasting a display of beautiful cabochons and brilliant cut diamonds, the multiple colours combined create a colourful and unique result.

Grey diamond centre stone, pave natural coloured green, white diamonds and turquoise and chrysoprase cabochons, we are speechless.

Express your personality by pairing this ring with a maxi skirt, creating a bold, bohemian daytime look. Switch to your favourite little black dress to exude class for your evening events.

Fei Liu: 18kt Rose Gold Plated Serenity Small Hoop Earrings - £275.00

Have you been surprised with a weekend getaway to the picturesque Santorini? Or the venust city of Venice? If yes, (we are jealous), you need the perfect picturesque jewellery to accompany your perfect trip.

Fei Liu have got you covered with their 18kt Rose Gold Plated Serenity Small Hoop Earrings. The hoop earring has remained a style must have from almost the dawn of time, so be classically unique a design featuring the everlasting love of the infinity knot, embodied within feminine curves.

Made from cubic zirconia diamonds encrusted in a rose gold frame, these hoops express effortless glam, perfect for matching the remarkable scenery you will see. We can only imagine the photos. Style these classically elegant earrings with floral fabrics and floaty garments to radiate feminine chic vibes.

Flavie Michou: Tutti Frutti Charm - £1,425.00

Do you have holiday blues before you’ve even left for your weekend getaway? (trust us, it’s possible). Well, what better way to reminisce your break than with a charm that can be added to any charm bracelet?

Flavie Michou’s Tutti Frutti Charm is the quirky jewellery piece that you will want. Although not purchased from your getaway destination, this charm will be a personal souvenir as it will remind you of all the significant memories you create.

What’s more, the topping on the cupcake can be removed to hold something precious inside.

From Flavie’s cupcake collection, this charm is made from sterling silver with a combination of colours, adding an essence of boldness to any outfit. For maximum impact, wear yours against silver charms and your weekend getaway will be remembered (quite literally).