It’s 2019, and much like society, the jewellery industry is evolving. Long gone are the days of conforming to industry standards of ‘popularity’ and ‘trends’. Jewellery stands for so much more than a mere accessory. It is an expression of you. It holds a story that is personal to you. But... jewellery also has a story of its own. 

A number of jewellery designers are rising through the ranks, and are pioneers for designs that pulsate with ideas that foreshadow a more ethical, positive and sustainable future. Each piece of jewellery is made to serve a purpose. They all have a meaningful presence, whether that be to promote healing and instil confidence in its wearers, to support charitable organisations or to advocate sustainable fashion. Jewellery of the future does not just look good… it feels good too. What could be more rewarding then knowing that you are instigating positive change? 

The names to know this season are brands that are truly breaking the mould. Not only are they supporting these causes, but their architectural designs and innovative use of materials are truly revolutionary.

Nobahar Designs: Tackling Violence Against Women

Nobahar Designs is an up-and-coming jewellery brand, which was born from mind of a designer who wanted to find new ways to understand the world around us.Nobahar is not exclusively “an artist, nor a designer, nor an engineer”. Instead, she represents a mix of all these attributes. Her work is made aesthetically, functionally and architecturally. This mixed skillset acts as a catalyst for dynamic designs that exude a non-conforming fluidy and freedom. 

This designers interdisciplinary approach to jewellery stems from a multilingual and multifaceted childhood. Nobahar studied mathematics, despite her passion for artwork and handicrafts. She went on to study Industrial Design in the bustling city of Tehran, where the foundations of the brand began. 

The award winning Rebirth of Lotus Cuff was designed to make a statement about domestic violence. The lotus flower itself is reborn and regrows from mud. This metaphor is rings true in that all sufferers of domestic violence can find the strength to rise and recover. There are only 220 of these bracelets in the entire world, which pays homage to the 220 year reign of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. In creating this piece, Nobahar used an additive manufacturing process, which is an energy-efficient and waste free alternative to crafting jewellery. Support the cause today, and get a limited edition Lotus Cuff to show that you stand alongside and support those who are recovering from domestic violence.

 Rebirth Of Lotus Cuff

Rebirth Of Lotus Cuff
  Rebirth Of Lotus Cuff   Rebirth Of Lotus Cuff

Nobahar Design | Rebirth Of Lotus Cuff | £332.00

GlobalSoul: Spiritual Jewellery That Heals 

Jacqui Land Keavney is the face behind GlobalSoul, a brand that creates jewellery based on energy and spiritual emittance. The collection is handcrafted in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter by expert silversmiths, who use the finest materials to create luxury jewellery that speaks to the soul.  

The brand produces 5 main collections: Balance, Compassion, Harmony, Infinity, and Peace. They are home to designs that are unlike any other. There are spinning pendants, illusion pieces, healing crystals and more. This is jewellery that establishes connections. GlobalSoul threads invisible links between people, to show that we are all equal and in harmony, no matter who you are or where you may be. 

It’s not about how the jewellery makes you look externally, it’s about how it reflects on you internally. The beginning of 2019 especially has been a time of self-reflection and honesty. This is the perfect jewellery brand to accompany you on a new year, and a new journey, with renewed values and optimism. Stimulate your own spiritual and emotional awakening by purchasing your own GlobalSoul piece. Serenity and relaxation are words synonymous with the collection, and each piece has an undeniable calming and reassuring presence.

 Rose Gold Vermeil Peace Spinning Globe Pendant - 40mm

Rose Gold Vermeil Balance Crystal Spinning Pendant   Rose Gold Vermeil Peace Spinning Globe Pendant - 40mm   Rose Gold Vermeil Compassion Buddha Charm Necklace

GlobalSoul Jewellery | Rose Gold Vermeil Peace Spinning Globe Pendant - 40mm, Rose Gold Vermeil Balance Crystal Spinning Pendant, Rose Gold Vermeil Compassion Buddha Charm Necklace | £174.00, £109.00 and £52.00

Amazona Secrets: Sustainable and Ecologically Viable

The Amazona Secrets collections are handmade in Portugal, and are inspired by the organic forms and natural ecosystem of Brazil’s deep rainforests. This brand is breaking the mould in terms of being at the cusp of modern design. Both materials and concept come to fruition through an intricate process called skeletonization. The removal of chlorophyll preserves natural materials and turns them into wearable art. Do you want to hold a piece of the rainforest close to your heart? Do you want to promote the importance of biodiversity and the protection of these sacred environments?

The inclusion of mixed materials, and having that which is raw side-by-side with precious metals, is thought provoking. This dichotomy of textures and tones is one that is unique and innovative. Sustainably sourced materials are on the rise. Following the public’s choice to ditch the plastic straws and embrace biodegradable alternatives, it’s no surprise that people are starting to consider their environmental impact. This is especially affecting the fashion industry at the moment, and people are yearning to know where their designs come from, who made them, and what they are made of. Worry no longer, because these brands grew from the tabletops of independent designers. Each piece reflects a little bit of their personality and style. What could be better than championing independent designers, and doing your bit to shop responsibly?

 18kt Gold Bur Earrings

18kt Gold Natural Arabesque Savannah Leaf Earrings   18kt Gold Bur Earrings   18kt Gold Drop Shape Arabesque Savannah Leaf Earrings

Amazona Secrets | 18kt Gold Natural Arabesque Savannah Leaf Earrings, 18kt Gold Bur Earrings, 18kt Gold Drop Shape Arabesque Savannah Leaf Earrings | £163.00, £150.00 and £150.00