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We met on an online dating platform.

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I had it all planned to perfection. A trip to Paris for her 40th birthday celebrations. There was me, her, her 2 daughters and her niece. I kept the proposal a complete secret from everyone except for her niece. I told her because I wanted her to take photos of the proposal.

We go on a river cruise down the River Seine and disembark right near the Eiffel Tower. My plan was to get down on one knee and get some nice photos in front of the Eiffel tower as a momento.

However, it's freezing. My fiance (now wife) doesn't like the cold one bit so she's moaning, and moaning and moaning... We're walking up and down the river bank and I'm trying to find a good spot, but she's moaning, and moaning, and moaning some more...

"Oh forget this." I think. “Lets just do it. The tower is in the background so it will look ok either way…” So I go for it. I go down on one knee and pop the question and she says yes. Hooray! Her niece takes a few photos of the proposal in action.

It's only when we get back to the hotel and flick through the photos that we notice all the lovely big wheelie bins in the background, and the fact that the Eiffel Tower isn't completely in shot. It looks like I proposed next to some bins and an electricity pylon. How romantic! Still, it can't have been all bad as we've now been happily married for coming up to 3 years.

Proposal Stories

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