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Have you heard "hydrate!" enough times this hot hot summer?

It's always good advice. When delivered kindly.

Good advice for your skin too. 

And when you need to go beyond water...

...These 6 fabulous natural moisturisers take you to the next level.
1: Moisturise restore kit
Pick up everything you need in one go. Your skin will be hydrated and bursting with super nutrients from olives, oranges, beeswax and more.
2: Laugh lines re-definer moisturiser
Turn to this delicious looking creme every day. What an ingredients list with argan, shea, borage, sea buckthorn and much more serving you antioxidants galore.
3: Face balm - fresh cedar

Is your guy moisturising? He should be and he'll love this fresh cedar face balm that's a soothing aftershave or beard balm too. Plastic free and vegan.

4: Viola gin deeply moisturising bar
Gin o'clock? Before breakfast? Why not, with this hand-made deep moisturiser from Scotland that delivers essential oils and great eco credentials.
5: Dream hyaluronic acid serum 
Google 'hyaluronic acid'. Reassuring isn't it? This silky-textured pure hyaluronic acid gel is fragrance-free and naturally preserved.
6: Handmade lanolin gardener's balm
Rub in the traditional moisturising goodness of lanolin, and luxuriate in the scent of lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. 
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Enjoy wonderful products handmade by artisans for you. 

You won't find them in your high street pharmacy. Or on Amazon. 

They're made with passion and care by small producers.

Not with nasty chemicals on production lines. 

Many are limited edition or made to order. 

So to protect your skin this summer, shop now

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