Forward-thinking fine jewellery designer, Andrew Geoghegan, is renowned for his precise and structural approach to jewellery design. His pieces are wonderfully distinctive and easily recognisable as his own, unifying geometric shapes with exquisite gemstones.


Exuberant Designs

His new collection, Chapiteau, is exuberant in both colour and form. A range of radiant precious gemstones are set in distinctive, stately hexagonal settings. The collection is unashamedly opulent and pays homage to the theatre of the French royal courts, to elegance and to the joy of abundance. From the eye-catching signature design, the Capiteau de Paraiba ring, to the selection of more understated engagement rings, this collection is a lavish array of angles and sparkles.


When did you launch the collection?

“We launched the collection at IJL in September.”

What inspired you to create the Capiteau collection?


“Chapiteau is inspired by Versailles and alive with the flamboyant decadence of its architect, Louis XIV. There are two sides to the sensational Chapiteau collection, which blends the spectacle of unrestrained colour and radiance, and an elegant homage to the stately beauty and distinction of the hexagon. An ornate nod to unashamed opulence and the theatre of beautiful jewellery, the Chapiteau is as lavish and exuberant as it is gently mesmerising.”

How is the collection crafted?

“We create the collection using traditional goldsmithing techniques, combined with high tech wax printing and microscope setting and finishing. There is a mixture of platinum, 18kt golds, diamonds and a whole host of precious coloured stones, sourced from Belgium, Germany, Thailand and here in the UK. The whole process takes between 4 and 6 weeks.”

What makes this collection unique?

“The mesmerising combination of a strong geometric form innovatively set with large and small brilliant cuts. It’s classic and contemporary.”

What do you hope someone feels whilst wearing a piece from this collection?

“Proud, beautiful, unique, confident.”



The Chapiteau collection is available to purchase on Jewelstreet here.