Inspired by the exquisite forms and vibrant colours of birds of paradise and the legendary phoenix, we chat to talented London designer, Dalia Daou, about her brand new collection, Phoenix.

When did the Phoenix collection launch?

“The collection previewed at International Jewellery London and the hero Phoenix Ring was unveiled at London Fashion Week this September.”

What inspired you to create the collection?

“The designs are inspired by the exquisite forms of birds of paradise and the legendary Phoenix fire-bird, referencing flickering flames and the movement of feathers. The collection signifies renewal, resilience, rarity and femininity, and also tells the story of reigniting Daou Jewellery. This can be seen in the collection's imagery, which features historical Daou Jewellery photos of clients Brigitte Bardot, Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco wearing Daou jewels.”



Which is the hero piece from the collection?

“The statement pieces are the hero Phoenix Ring, the new ear climbers and the gem set earrings. These are complemented by simpler feather earrings, pendants and rings. The ear climbers were once described by one admiring gent as ‘Wonder Woman earrings!’ which I think is pretty fab!”

How is the collection crafted?

“The collection is made in the UK from 18kt gold, with the hero Phoenix Ring completely handcrafted here in London. The selection of stones (diamonds, aquamarine, tourmaline, rose quartz and opals) is very particular to me and how they complement and shape next to each other.”

What makes this collection unique?

“The collection is a return to feminine jewellery forms, as opposed to geometric designs which have been prevalent in recent years. The style also references Daou heritage designs, which is part of the brands DNA, with a return to the imaginative use of coloured gemstone combinations and our Daou play of light.”

What do you hope someone feels when wearing a piece from the Phoenix collection?

“Delighted, special and inspired.”

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