The New Year is only a couple of weeks away and we can’t believe it’s going to be 2019! Every year when we approach the end of December and can see the new year on the horizon, everyone makes a list of resolutions and decides what kind of person they’re going to be next year. The New Year marks a fresh start for all and many people want to reinvent themselves, whether that’s being healthier, trying a new hobby or adopting a completely different lifestyle.

If you are trying to construct a ‘new you’ for 2019, why not show it through your jewellery? Channeling positivity and good energy through pieces of jewellery is a fantastic way to feel closer to your purpose and intention to be your best self this year. We already think you’re pretty great and don’t need to change at all, but if you want to, here are our 3 ways to show off your new you with jewellery.

Channel your chakras…

There are seven chakras, that are the energy centres in the body where energy flows through. Chakra translates from Hindi to ‘wheel of spinning energy’ and they are said to connect your spiritual body to your physical body. The seven chakras are located in a line down the body and are different colours, from purple to blue to red to yellow. If you’re looking to become more spiritual in 2019, channel your chakras through your jewellery with bold and beautiful colours with powerful symbolism and meanings.

Syna | 18kt Amethyst Chakra Earrings | £690.00

Elizabeth Raine creates colourful gemstone pendants and earrings which symbolise different things and certain parts of the chakras. The gemstones she uses are attuned to healing energies and assist in balancing, as well as in the colours of the seven chakras. The Buddha Amulet Ruby Chakra Pendant Necklace is a beautiful pendant with two gem features hanging from the chain. The ruby symbolises the root chakra which is found at the base of the body. It represents earthly grounding and physical survival. The Buddha in the pendant is 24kt gold and symbolises serenity, harmony and enlightenment.


Follow the cycle of the moon…

The moon is a feminine symbol and represents the rhythm of time through its constant cycle of change. The moon is extremely spiritual through its crescents and full embodiment, symbolising enlightenment, purity and the darker side of nature. As the moon takes many different shapes, jewellery that is inspired by moons are vast and can take any form you desire. A simple crescent like Jana Reinhardt’s Moon Ring is a classic design with a shimmering stone in the middle, adding extra sparkle. The crescent represents enchantment and youthfulness and this ring is a perfect embodiment of the moon's energies.


Miscari Jewellery Full Moon Drop Earrings (Left)| £390.00
Jana Reinhardt Jewellery Moon Ring (Middle)| £99.00
Anahita Jewelry | Paved Crescent Moon Pendant (Right)| £2,992.00

Create your mantra…

A mantra is a statement or slogan that can be used as a guide to live by. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is a word, sound or utterance that is used as a concentration aid for meditation. Mantras are believed to have spiritual and psychological powers. House of Alaia have a stunning selection of Agreement Bracelets, with sayings like ‘always be your best’, ‘be impeccable with your word’, ‘don’t take anything personally’ and ‘don’t make assumptions’ hammered into gorgeous bronze and silver materials. House of Alaia made these bangles to encourage positive affirmations.


House of Alaia Four Agreements Reminder Bangle Set In Silver Small (Left)| £209.00
Ongkara Be grateful Be yourself Necklace (Middle)| £123.00
House of Alaia Four Agreements Reminder Cuff In Bronze Small (Right)| £61.00