JewelStreet X Jewelry Journey Podcast

Podcasts are great. They are the resurgence of an old form that has been reimagined for present day. Style podcasts are everywhere you turn nowadays, and major fashion houses have been jumping on the bandwagon. But it has become obvious that jewellery-specific shows are few and far between. 

JewelStreet have been eager to participate in this medium for some time now… and guess what? We have recently appeared on the popular Jewelry Journey Podcast to talk about unique, diverse and handmade jewellery.

JewelStreet’s Senior Marketing Executive Vivianne Leung and Creative Copywriter Natasha Hosseini join podcast host Sharon Berman for a casual chat about the role JewelStreet plays in the industry. 

Sharon has a whole wealth of knowledge about jewellery. Not only is she a passionate jewellery collector, she is also currently studying for her GIA Graduate Gemology diploma. She is on the Board of Art Jewelry Forum, and is a member of: The Association for the Study of Jewelry & Related Arts, American Society of Jewelry Historians, Society of Jewellery Historians and Society of North American Goldsmiths. Sharon has also been a speaker at the Antique & Estate Jewelry Conference too. Now that’s an impressive CV if we’ve ever seen one!

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The Jewelry Journey Podcast is a space where jewellery professionals come to talk about engaging industry topics. As you listen to each episode, it becomes more and more clear that jewellery is so inherently personal. It holds a story. It tells a narrative. It speaks of you.

Join us as we discuss the changing fashion climate. From a mono-cultural to a multi faith jewellery milieu. From a mass-produced fashion crisis to an independent shopping splurge. From the magnetism of the high-street to the rise of online shopping. 

You’ll also get to hear a little more about the team behind JewelStreet, and how they discovered a love for handmade treasures. 

Join the conversation, and comment  your thoughts on the podcast below...we’d love to hear from you!