My partner and I have been together for 3 years now, having moved into our own home where we share a mortgage, have 2 lovely puppies and each other every day and night. My partner has always been a caring, thoughtful and loving person who always brings a warm smile to my face and surprises me constantly and she deserves all nice things in this world. On Christmas afternoon, a surprisingly dry yet bitterly cold day, after her shift at work she came home to her biggest surprise. She opened up her parcels under our first Christmas Tree and came across one specific small box while the puppies chewed away on their Christmas treats and sipped Pawsecco. She didn't notice as I was already kneeling down on one knee for her, she opened up the box to reveal her wedding ring and the words "will you marry me" followed after. Christmas day being her favourite day of the year and both of us growing older together with our own home, pets and lots of room to start our own family made this opportunity perfect and she cried "yes" into my arms. This was not an expensive, fairy tale proposal as it all came naturally under our own roof, surrounded in presents and with the love and warmth for each other keeping the specialty of my proposal alive.

Both of our families are of older generations and soon some members will pass on of age. These family members are of close relation to us both and we don't want them to miss out on our special day to make them proud and show how matured and stable we've become with our jobs, finances and accomplishments. So getting married this year (2018) is the right time for us to step forward in life and carry on the family name and grow the family tree we've dreamed on.

Our wedding is all planned out for November and everything is set ready to go, with both of us looking forward to it each day so we can share a name and wear our wedding rings together for the rest of our lives.

All my love, forever. Nic